Faculty of Health Sciences

THM Faculty of Health Sciences Orientation - Centered on Humans

The Faculty of Health Sciences stands for multi disciplinary and comprehensive expertise in healthcare

We take responsibility. We work as a team. We design healthcare.

German and international health care systems are quite complex. A comprehensive understanding of this complexity, as well as shaping these systems from a variety of different perspectives are our primary objectives.
The Faculty of Health Sciences combines a multitude of different fields in healthcare with its degree programs and course specializations. This enables the use of extensive know-how in health and nursing sciences as well as point-of-care operations, finance and management. The unhindered and ill or impaired, technology and direct patient care, consulting of next of kin, as well as research and education are equally important components of our profile.
The current situation in health care and nursing in addition to the latest developments in research are basis for our educational essentials. Our students are therefore members of a dynamically evolving faculty.

 complexity of healthcare systems

THM Faculty of Health Sciences Focus - Ensuring the best possible health care and nursing accomodation of the general public

All stakeholders in the healthcare supply chain fulfill a specific role for the public health sector. These different origins of people and institutions working on adequate health- and medicare are at the core of our work. We emphasize the current needs and incorporate innovative and modern technical advances in our approach to develop the best possible solutions for the challenges faced by health care professionals everyday, laying a solid foundation for the faculty's structural disposition.
Students-to-be are supported by these structures to help them deciding their first steps on the road to becoming a health care professional. The core areas offered to the students include:

  • Technology in healthcare
  • Management in healthcare
  • Medicare
  • Crisis Management

Faculty of Health Sciences focus areas

Contextual Faculty Background - Ensuring to offer the broadest possible medicare

 ... to be continued.