Medical Engineering

Medical technology is a continuously growing and developing discipline that has great importance in our health care system and in medicine in general. Nowadays, medicine is almost always connected to technology. Over the last decades, the increasing digitization and miniaturization of technological equipment has led to a more and more frequent application of technology, even in ordinary medical devices. Today, medical engineering plays a major role in almost all medical interventions: from a thermometer to a magnetic resonance imaging system. Medical devices save lives. Therefore, specific measures have to be executed periodically in order to check, maintain, calibrate, gauge and test the devices.

Our working group deals with the following topics:
• Innovations and advancements in (bio)medical engineering
• Hospital technology
• Safety-related checks and metrological checks
• Safety for patient and user
• Diagnostics and therapy regarding the cardiopulmonary system
• Close interaction with the working group regulatory affairs