Operational Healthcare Management

Workgroup Operational Healthcare Management

It can not be questioned that demographical change, globalization, skill shortage, increasing time pressure, lifting the pensionable age, lack of physical exercise and many other challenges are upcoming for tomorrows society.
That is where “Operational Healthcare Management” applies.
Strategies and measures for a healthy work environment are to be developed.

The workgroup deals with current research themes of operational healthcare.
Health promoting leadership of employees, optimal labour organization, physical exercise for work or learning environments and a balanced diet are only a few examples that need to be mentioned.

Furthermore an important focus of activity lays on the continuous development of the area of studies for “Operational Healthcare Management” in the lectures of “Medical Management”.
Therefore, basic contents have some influence in our teachings – and our students can play an active part in that.
An exercise program was developed based on “Operational Healthcare Management” and is offered as a balance for many lectures of the university.