Technologies in Emergency Medicine

Our focus is on researching, developing and implementing new technologies in the area of Emergency Medicine.
By not only developing theoretical concepts but also introducing these into clinical settings, we provide a wide basis in which concepts, prototypes and innovative ideas can be tested in practice, while at the same time providing a high quality of academic resources.
Our goal is to advance the current level of care in acute and critical medical settings to allow a better outcome for each patient.
Driven by an interdisciplinary team of medical professionals, clinicians, engineers, IT Experts and medical managers we provide a unique environment to develop these innovative solutions.

Our Goal:
Innovation, implementation, management and transfer of Technologies from the lab to everyday medicine.

Current Projects:
Telemedicine in emergency medicine

Telemedicine in emergency
From testing our concept in our own ambulance and collaborating clinics to implementation into daily routine we offer the full range of research in the area of telemedicine in Emergency Medicine.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in emergency health services

Artificial Intelligence
Development of prototypes and concepts to improve and increase the efficiency of current state of the art emergency medical structures on scene and in dispatch centres.

Cost-Structures and efficiency models

Cost-Structures and efficiency models
An increase of funds doesn’t automatically lead to an increased level of public health. By matching the right resources to the right need, a more efficient and satisfactory level of treatment can be achieved.

 If you are interested in our work or would like to participate please let us know and send me an email or contact me directly.

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Workgroup Technologies in Emergency Medicine / AG Technologien in der Notfallmedizin

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