Forschung / Research

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I published more than 50 papers on measurement and signal processing algorithms for power systems, electrical vehicles, as well as inertial measurement systems. The whole list is available on request. Additional information and recent papers are available under

My research group with 4 PhD students and 2 laboratory engineers ( is dealing with three key subjects of electromobility:

  • Control and diagniostics of tractional drives (PMSM)
  • On-board diagnostics of Li-Ion batteries under non-stationary conditions
  • Vehicle2Grid topics

We are specialising on development of real time capable algorithms for control and diagnostics of powertrain components

Currently we are involved as project coordinator in three research projects on electromobility funded by DAAD ( as well as LOEWE ( ). The exact dscription can be found here soon.

Annually we serve as organisator of an international scientific workshop "Advanced control for power systems and drives" in Friedberg. The next edition will be held 25.09.2018. The information will be available here or on request.