Centre of Competence for Biotechnology and Biomedical Physics (BioTecMed)

In the departments of Life Science Engineering (LSE) and Health Sciences (GES), the Centre of Competence for Biotechnology and Biomedical Physics (BioTecMed) has research strength in the fields of bio-process technology and pharmaceutical technology, medical physics and biomedical technology. The focus here is on translational research in clinical-pharmaceutical applications, medical technology to improve patient care, and individual patient diagnostics with AI support.

Key areas of research

  • Biotechnology/bio-pharmaceutical technology
    • Cell-based and particle-based therapy
    • Optimisation and control of material transport processes with modern imaging procedures at cellular level
    • Process analysis based on automated imaging processes
    • Addressing engineering issues to develop approved nano- and micro-particle transport systems for therapy
    • Development of approved reaction systems for cell-based and nano-particular (virus particle) therapy
    • Galenic development of approved formulations
    • Investigation of the active mechanisms of cell biology in naturally occurring active ingredients
  • Medical physics/bio-medical technology
    • Medical imaging, in particular dosage optimisation, image processing, determination of organ dosage values
    • MR imaging, in particular hardware developments for fast image encoding in magnetic resonance tomography
    • Medical physics in radiation therapy, in particular Monte Carlo simulations, particle therapy, dosimetry
    • Bio-signal acquisition and processing and machine learning

Future areas of interest

  • Drug targeting
  • Cell-based and particle-based therapy
  • Individual patient diagnostics and therapy supported by AI