Centre of Competence for Energy Technology and Energy Management (etem.THM)

The interdisciplinary Centre of Competence for Energy Technology and Energy Management (etem.THM) brings together interdepartmental expertise in energy conversion, energy distribution and energy application from the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Technology (ME), Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (EI) and Information Technology, Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics (IEM). 

Energy savings and efficiency gains are the central objectives of all research work in the etem Centre of Competence.

Sustainable energy concepts are tested with municipal energy suppliers and companies in a city district with an integrated energy supply and a high-temperature storage unit as a real laboratory.

Key areas of research

  • Energy conversion:
    • Hydrogen technologies & power-to-X: Electro-chemical and thermo-chemical provision, application and conversion of hydrogen into derivatives
    • Thermo-chemical use of biomass and waste materials
    • Energy process technology
  • Electrical networks for the energy transformation
    • Smart grids and energy supply networks with a high proportion of renewable energy
    • Sector coupling and energy storage systems for network services
    • Realistic simulation of grids in a laboratory environment
  • Building-energy technology
    • Transient room airflow and use for optimised ventilation systems
    • Smoke extraction systems
  • Energy system analysis and energy distribution:
    • Energy scenarios and grid calculations (with high proportions of renewable energy)
    • Sector coupling and energy storage systems (thermal, chemical, mechanical)
    • Analysis and simulation of complex energy systems (technical and economic)

Future areas of interest

  • Development of urban districts
  • Sector coupling
  • Hydrogen technology

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