Centre of Competence for Information Technology (KITE)

The interdisciplinary Centre of Competence for Information Technology (KITE) is involved in applied research into and development of artificial intelligence, machine learning and IT security. It combines expertise from the Departments of Health Sciences (GES), Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Data Processing (MND) and Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Informatics (MNI). The informational approaches and modelling procedures range from medicine (e-health) and biology (bio-informatics), through industry (smart factories), to digital humanities.

Key areas of research

  • Artificial intelligence and knowledge-based systems
    • Bio/medicine
    • Industry
  • IT security
  • Bio-informatics
  • Modelling of biological systems, pharmaceutical design, CA drug design
  • Mathematical modelling
    • Object-based modelling of biological systems
    • Agent-based modelling
  • Medical informatics
    • e-health
    • Data protection and security
    • Medical technology
  • Digital methods in information sciences
    • Digital humanities
    • Software engineering: agile and post-agile methods

Future areas of interest

  • Artificial intelligence
  • IT security
  • e-health
  • Digitalisation