Veröffentlichungen 2006 - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Czermak

Peer Reviewed - Original Papers

  • D. Grzenia, Specht R., B.B. Han, J.O. Carlson, P. Czermak, S. R. Wickramasinghe: Purification of Densonucleosis Virus by Tangential Flow Filtration, Biotechnology Progress 22 (2006) 5, p. 1346 -1353
  • Ebrahimi, M., R. Gonzalez, P. Czermak: Experimental and Theoretical Study of Galactosyl-Oligosaccharides Formation in CRMR by Thermostable Mesophilic Enzymes, Desalination 200 (2006) 1-3, p. 686-688
  • Ebrahimi, M., L. Engel, S. Peter, K. Grau, P. Czermak: Membrane Supported Enzymatic Synthesis of Galactosyl-Oligosaccharides, Desalination 200 (2006) 1-3, p. 509-510
  • Ebrahimi, M., R. Hackel, G. Catapano, P. Czermak: Preliminary Analysis of the Factors Determining Bacterial Fragment Removal from Water of Different Commercial Ceramic and Polymeric Membranes, Desalination 200 (2006) 1-3, p. 496-497
  • Ebrahimi M, R Hackel, P Czermak, G Catapano: Removal of Bacterial Fragments (LPS) from Dialysis Water with Ceramic and Adsorber Polymeric Commercial Membranes: The International Journal of Artificial Organs 29 (2006) 5, p. 530
  • Nehring, D., Gonzalez, R, Pörtner R, Czermak, P.: Experimental and modelling study of different process modes for retroviral production in a fixed bed reactor, Journal of Biotechnology 122 (2006) 2, 239-253
  • Czermak, P., M. Walz, G. Catapano: Analysis of in vitro Continuous wet-dry CO2 removal with hydrophilic membranes from slowly flowing blood, Journal of Membrane Science 273 (2006) p. 89-96

Original Papers - Proceedings - Books/Book Chapters

  • Nehring, D., R. Poertner, P. Czermak: Using Continuous Integrated Membrane Filtration for the Production of Pseudotype Vectors in a Fixed Bed Reactor, Extended Abstracts, Paper 684c, AIChE 2006 Annual Meeting, San Francisco, USA
  • Lavi, G., M. Ebrahimi, T. Schmidts, F. Runkel, P. Czermak: Development and Production of Oil-in-Water Vehicles Microemulsion for Dermal Application of Ectoin, Extended Abstracts, Paper 439e, AIChE 2006 Annual Meeting, San Francisco, USA
  • Czermak, P., Gokorsch. S.: Transportabler Bioreaktor - Temperatur und CO2 kontrolliert, Technik & Mensch VDI Frankfurt/Darmstadt II/2006, p. 4-5