Veröffentlichungen 2012 - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Czermak

Peer Reviewed - Original Papers

  • Weiss K, Salzig D, Mühlebach M D, Cichutek K, Pörtner R, Czermak P: Parameters for Optimizing Production of Measles Virus with regard to Oncolytic Virotherapy, American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology 8 (2012) 2, 81-98
  • Ebrahimi M, Z Kovacs, M Schneider, P Mund, P Bolduan, P Czermak: Multistage filtration process for efficient treatment of oil-field produced water using ceramic membranes, Desalination and Water Treatment 42 (2012) 17-23
  • Schmiermund A , E. Gebauer , H.-L. Fuchsbauer , P. Czermak, D. Salzig: Novel Matrices for Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Disk Cells, Global Spine Journal 2 (2012) S01, 134
  • Justice C, J Leber, D Salzig, C Wallrapp, M Kraume, M Kassem, P Czermak: Microcarrier based expansion process of hMSCs in highly vital and non-differentiated quality, Int J Artif Organs 35 (2012) 2, 93-107
  • Foley G, R Paulen, M Fikar, Z Kovacs, P Czermak: Comments on "Diafiltration under condition of quasi-constant membrane surface concentration" by R. Field [J. Mem. Sci. 383 (1-2), 2011, 301-302.], Journal of Membrane Science 390-391 (2012) 285

Original Papers - Proceedings - Books/Book Chapters

  • Czermak P, T A Grein, M Ebrahimi, Z Kovacs, R Michalsky: Membrane supported virus separation from biological solutions, in Proceedings of 14th Aachener Membrane Colloquium 2012, p. 70-81, VIVTA Verlag Aachen, ISBN 978-3-00-039967-1
  • Kerker S, M Ebrahimi, J Hild, A A Schmidt, P Mund, P Czermak: Influence of the module geometry on the filtration behavior of ceramic membranes in the treatment of waste waters contaminated with oily emulsions, in Proceedings of 14th Aachener Membrane Colloquium 2012, p. 372-376, VIVTA Verlag Aachen, ISBN 978-3-00-039967-1
  • Ebrahimi M, A Aslan, S Kerker, J Hild, A A Schmidt, P Mund, P Czermak: Continuousmonitoring of oil for cross flow ceramic microofiltration of emulsified oily wastewater,in Proceedings of 14th Aachener Membrane Colloquium 2012, p. 377-382, VIVTA Verlag Aachen, ISBN 978-3-00-039967-1
  • Bergmann T, J M Burg, M Lilholt, U Maeder, S Beer, D Salzig, M Ebrahimi, P Czermak, M Fiebich: Fluorescent nanodiamonds as highly stable biomarker for endotoxin verication, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 8233, 2012
  • Z Kovács, R Paulen, M Fikar, G Foley, P Czermak: How to tune up the performance of your UF/DF process, in: ProcessNet Tagungsband: Informationstag Membrantechnik - Membranverfahren in der Biotechnologie, edited by:ProcessNet Board 2012, Frankfurt, Dechema Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V.
  • R Paulen, M Fikar, G Foley, Z Kovacs, P Czermak: Time Optimal Control of Batch Membrane Processes, in: Kybernetika a informatika, Medzinárodná konferencia SSKI SAV, edited by: Š, Kozáková, A, Rosinová, A Kozák, STU v Bratislave
  • R Paulen, M Fikar, G Foley, Z Kovacs, P Czermak: Time-optimal batch diafiltration, in: 8th International Symposium on Advanced Control of Chemical Processes ADCHEM 2012, Singapore, 10-13 July 2012, 804-809
  • Z Kovács, J Hild, S Kerker, P P Grace, P Czermak: Batch and continuous production of fructooligosaccharides by enzymatic catalysis, in: Proceedings of Conference of Chemical Engineering 2012, edited by:Peter Mizsey, Veszprém, Hungary, University of Pannonia
  • Z Kovács, J Hild, L Born, P Pino Grace, D Salzig, P Czermak: Continuous synthesis of fructooligosaccharides in a membrane reactor using soluble enzymes, in: Abstract Book of 6th Central European Congress on Food 2012, edited by:J Lević. Novi Sad, Serbia, University of Novi Sad