Flechtenbilder (La-Leca)

Lasallia-pustulata-6398a Lasallia pustulata (L.) Merat
On rocks (epilithic), usually on nutrient enriched places.
Thallus attached with an umbilicus (without rizines), rosette forming, up to 5 cm in diameter; upper surface with pustules (which are corresponding on the lower side), pustules pruinose in the center; apothecia rare, with blackish coralloid isidia at the margins. Medulla C+ red, KC+ red.
Portugal: Madeira.
Lecanactis-abietina-CE7436 Lecanactis abietina (Ach.) Körb.
On acidic bark.
Thallus thin, leprose; apothecia rare, 1-2 mm, disc brown but covered with a thick pruina; often with cylindrical pycnidia, with pruinose apices. Pycnidial pruina C+ red.
Central Europe: Germany.
(Coll/ident: Eichler/Cezanne).
Lecanactis-dilleniana-Teu-130712 Lecanactis dilleniana (Ach.) Körb.
In siliceoues rock crevices.
Thallus thin, leprose, areolate-warted; apothecia 0.5-2 mm, becoming angular to elaongate with age; disc covered with a pruina; rim black, persistent, not pruinose.
Central Europe: Germany.
(Coll/ident: D. Teuber).
Lecania-cyrtella-6102 Lecania cyrtella (Ach.) Th. Fr.
On twigs of Sambucus nigra or other rough and nutrient-enriched bark.
Thallus grey, ± granular; apothecia abundant, up to 0.5 mm, light to dark brown; margins thin, grey, becoming excluded when disc becomes convex with age.
No spot reactions.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
(Coll/ident: Eichler/Cezanne).
Lecania-inundata-8431 Lecania inundata (Hepp ex Körb.) Mayrh.
On calcareous rocks.
Thallus consisting of thick, uneven areoles, separated by deep cracks; apothecia 0.3-0.5 mm, disc strongly convex with age, often pruinose. Spot reactions negative.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
(Coll: Graf zu Solms, 1860; ident: Eichler/Cezanne).
Lecania-naegelii-6104  Lecania naegelii (Hepp) Diederich & van den Boom
On bark of deciduous trees.
Thallus grey; apothecia 0.3-0.5 mm diam.; disc grey-brown to blackish; margin paler, without algae; hypothecium colourless; spores colourles, 3-septate, often bent (see small image), 21 x 5 µm. No spot reactions.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
(Coll/ident: Cezanne/Eichler).
Lecanora albella (Pers.) Ach.
Corticolous; on deciduous trees.
Thallus grey-white; apothecial disc buff, pruinose; margins entire, disappearing when mature.
Thallus K+ yellow; apothecia P+ red.
Austria: Alps.
Lecanora-albescens-160903 Lecanora albescens (Hoffm.) Branth & Rostr. 
On a cemetery wall (with mortar). Not collected.
Thallus white, areolate; apothecia crowded, up to 1 mm; discs grey-brown, sometimes slightly pruinose. No spot reactions.
Central Europe; Germany; Hesse: Taunus mountains (Espenschied).
Ident. by D. Teuber.
Lecanora-albescens-8624 Lecanora albescens (Hoffm.) Branth & Rostr.
On calcareous rocks and walls.
Thallus white, areolate; apothecia crowded, up to 1 mm; discs grey-brown, sometimes slightly pruinose. No spot reactions.
Central Europe; Germany; Hesse.
Lecanora-allophana-et-al Lecanora allophana (Ach.) Nyl (links unten)
+ Caloplaca holocarpa (Hoffm. ex Ach.) Wade (orange)
Candelariella aurella (Hoffm.) Zahlbr. (gelb)
Phaeophyscia orbicularis (Necker) Moberg (rechts unten)
Lecanora-allophana Lecanora allophana (Ach.) Nyl.
Corticolous; on deciduous trees; not very common.
Thallus whitish, uneven to warty; without soredia; apothecia 0.5-2.5 mm; disc flat, chocolate brown, ± shiny; margin white, thick, crenulate, bent over the disk with small lobules; epihymenium in polarized light without crystals. Thallus K+ yellow, C-, Pd+ yellow.
Central Europe; Austria: Alps
Lecanora-argentata-8616 Lecanora argentata (Ach.) Malme
Corticolous; on deciduous trees; not very common.
Thallus grey to whitish-grey (silver-coloured; see lower image), warted; apothecia chocolade-brown, up to 1 mm diameter; margin of the same colour as the thallus, with massive crystals not dissolving in K; epithecium without granules. Thallus K+ yellow.
L. chlarotera is more common; disc-colour varied (dirty) brown, with granules, dissolving in K.  L. pulicaris has a darker disc with granules, dissolving in K; the margin is P+ orange-red.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Lecanora-campestris-7464 Lecanora campestris (Schaer.) Hue
On mortar of a wall.
Thallus warted; white prothallus usually existent; apothecia up to 1.5 mm, mainly in the center of the thallus; disc dark brown, rim smooth, disappearing with age.
Thallus K+ yellow, C-, Pd-.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
(200 m above sea level).
Lecanora-carpinea-8290 Lecanora carpinea (L.) Vain.
Corticolous; on deciduous, mainly smooth-barked trees; not very common.
Thallus grey to whitish-grey; apothecia up to 1 mm; disc brown but always covered by a thick white pruina; margin of the same colour as the thallus, smooth, not corticated. Thallus K+ yellow; disc C+ yellow, P- (L. albella Pd+ red).
Central Europe: Germany; Hesse.
Lecanora-chlarotera Lecanora chlarotera Nyl.
Corticolous; on deciduous trees; common.
Apothecial disc grey, pale dull brown, rose brown to orange brown, often with a greenish tinge (especially when wet); not or rarely chocolate brown (distinction to L. allophana and L. argentata); disc with a thick layer of granules shining in polarized light (also the massive crystals in the margin) and dissolving in K; apothecial rim entire but sometimes crenulate (see lower image). Thallus K+ yellow.
Central Europe; Austria: Alps.
Leanora-chlarotera-1408 Lecanora chlarotera Nyl.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Lecanora-compallens-8637 Lecanora compallens Herk & Aptroot
Lecanora-conizaeoides Lecanora conizaeoides Nyl. ex Cromb.
Corticolous; on deciduous trees and conifers (acidophytic); common (but recently vanishing).
Thallus usnea-green, granular and sorediate, thick; apothecial disc greenish-brown, orange -brown, buff, often black (infection by a fungus), margin crenulate to granular. Thallus K-, Pd+ rust-red.
Central Europe
Lecanora-conizaeoides-7491 Lecanora conizaeoides Nyl. ex Cromb.
Lecanora-crenulata Lecanora crenulata Hook.
On calcareous rocks (Zechstein).
Thallus inconspicuous; apothecia often grouped, up to 0.5 cm diam.; disc flat, covered with a bluish pruina (persistent); margin inrolled, strongly crenulate. No spot reactions. (The similar L. dispersa is occasionally whitish pruinose, the apothecial margins are entire or only slightly crenulate).
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Lecanora-demissa-060930l Lecanora demissa (Körb.) Zahlbr.
On slightly basic rocks.
Thalluses rosette forming (up to 1 cm diam., often confluenting), lobulate at the margin; lobes not ascending (0.3-0.8 mm wide); sorediate in the centre, soralia concave to flat sometimes becoming isidiate; apothecia not seen. No spot reactions.
Central Europe; Germany: Rheinland-Pfalz.
Lecanora-dispersa-6053 Lecanora dispersa (Pers.) Sommerf.
On nutrient-enriched substrates (mortar, walls, basic rocks, occasionally on the base of eutrophiated deciduous trees); very common.
Thallus inconspicuous; apothecia numerous, small (usually less than 1 mm); disc flat to concave, very variosly coloured (greenish-grey to dark brown), margin persistent, crenulate with age. Spot reactions negative.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Lecanora-dispersa-06-08 Lecanora dispersa (Pers.) Sommerf.
Lecanora-dispersella-150311 Lecanora dispersella  Steiner
On a wall with mortar.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Lecanora-expallens Lecanora expallens Ach.
Corticolous; on deciduous trees, common.
Thallus yellow-green to usnea-green or green-grey, covered with farinose soralia, often areolate; apothecia very rare. Thallus K+ faint yellowish, C+ orange (not always evident).
Central Europe
Lecanora-garovaglioi-060902 Lecanora garovaglioi (Körb.) Zahlbr.
On volcanic rocks (diabas).
Very similar to L. muralis (surrounding the thallus of L. garovaglii) but lobes convex, swollen.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
(Coll/ident: Eichler/Cezanne).
Lecanora-intricata-5948 Lecanora intricata (Ach.) Ach.
On acid siliceous rocks.
Thallus yellow-greenish, areolate; apothecia small,  dark green-brown, immersed; apothecial disc flat to slightly concave; margin uneven, of the color of the thallus. No spot reactions. (The similar L. polytropa has a convex apothecial disc when mature).
Sweden; Värmland.
Lecanora-intumescens Lecanora intumescens (Rebent.) Rabenh.
Corticolous; on deciduous trees; ± rare.
Thallus pale grey, smooth to areolate; apothecia frequent, up to 2 mm, disc orange to brown, pruinose when young. Thallus K+ yellow; apothecial margin Pd+ orange.
Central Europe.
Lecanora-intumescens-1880 Lecanora intumescens (Rebent.) Rabenh.
Lecanora-mughicola-2630 Lecanora mughicola Nyl.
On acid wooden planks.
Thallus cracked to warty, yellow-green to yellow-grey; apothecia numerous, crowded, up to 1 mm; disc black, margin yellow-green. Spot reactions negative.
Austria: Alps
Lecanora-muralis01 Lecanora muralis (Schreb.) Rabenh.
On walls and rocks (synanthropic); somtimes corticolous; very common.
Thallus large (up to 10 cm diam.), forming regular rosettes (looking like a spat out chewing gum), becoming uneven when old; marginal squamules flat to concave; with many apothecia in the center. Cortex K-, C-, KC+ yellowish, Pd+ yellowish (or -).
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Lecanora-muralis-02 Lecanora muralis (Schreb.) Rabenh.
Lecanora-orosthea-17-4-04 Lecanora orosthea (Ach.) Ach.
On siliceous rocks (Grauwacke).
Thallus areolate; soredia arising from the margins of the areoles (see small image), later covering the whole thallus. Thallus K+ yellow-brown, C-, KC+ yellow, PD-. (The similar L. expallens is C+ orange).
Central Europe; Germany; Hesse.
Lecanora-pannonica-19.8.06 Lecanora pannonica Szat.
On nutrient enriched volcanic rocks.
Thallus very thick, areolate; soralia blue-grey, rounded, convex, on warty areoles (lower image); apothecia black, rare (lower image). Thallus K+ yellow.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
(150 m above sea level).
(Coll/ident: Eichler/Cezanne).
Lecanora-pannonica-19.8.06a Lecanora pannonica Szat.
Lecanora-persimilis Lecanora persimilis Th. Fr.
On bark of deciduous trees.
Thallus inconspicuous, thin, grey to dark grey; apothecia numerous, up to 0.4 mm in diameter; disc red-brown, flat, young concave; margin of the same colour as the disc (looking biatorine). No spot reactions.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Lecanora-polytropa-7976 Lecanora polytropa (Ehrh. ex Hoffm.) Rabenh.
On siliceous rocks; common.
Thallus yellow-greenish. Apothecia crowded, small (up to 0.5 mm), colour of the disc is yellowish, greenish to brownish; margin disappearing when disc is becoming convex (when mature). K± yellow.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Lecanora-polytropa-Teu3218 Lecanora polytropa (Ehrh. ex Hoffm.) Rabenh.
Lecanora-pseudistera-Solms1850 Lecanora pseudistera Nyl.
On siliceous rocks.
Thallus consisting of small convex areoles. Apothecia very soon strongly convex to globose; margin disappearing with maturity. Thallus Pd+ yellowish.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Collected 1859 by Graf zu Solms. Identificated by Eichler & Cezanne.
Lecanora-pulicaris-7984 Lecanora pulicaris (Pers.) Ach.
Corticolous, on deciduous trees; ± common.
Distinguished from most of the other common brown-disced Lecanora species by the P+ red apothecial margin (see photo).
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Lecanora-rubida-130602 Lecanora rubida V. Wirth
On non calcareous rocks.
Thallus areolate (0.2-2 mm), areoles recessed and darker in the center; apothecial disc red-brown to dark brown; lecanorine margin wavy and bent, disappearing with age, or with rim lighter in colour than disc. Thallus K+ yellow --> red; C-, Pd+ yellow.
Central Europe; Germany; Hesse: Rhoen Mountains.
(Coll/ident: Eichler/Cezanne).
Lecanora-rupicola-5136 Lecanora rupicola (L.) Zahlbr.
On hard siliceous rocks.
Thallus distinctly areolate-cracked; apothecia 0.5-2 mm, immersed or slightly rised, disc brown to blackish, flat to convex, densely covered with a white pruina. Areoles K+ yellow, C-, Pd+ bright yellow; apothecial pruina C+ yellow (permanent!), Pd-.
Portugal: Madeira.
(1700 m above sea level).
Lecanora-rupicola-ssp.-subplanata-6002 Lecanora rupicola subsp. subplanata (Nyl.) Leuckert & Poelt
Lecanora-saligna-8431 Lecanora saligna (Schrad.) Zahlbr.
On an old wooden fence.
Thallus grey, granular or disappearing; apothecia crowded, up to 0.7 mm; disc pale brown to reddish-brown, flat to convex; margin yellowish to grey, smooth to crenulate, persisting or disappearing. No spot reactions.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
(Coll/ident: Eichler/Cezanne).
Lecanora-sambuci-6660 Lecanora sambuci (Pers.) Nyl.
On twigs of Sambucus nigra.
Thallus usually consisting of small granules, grey to white; apothecia small (0.2-0.4 mm; compare with the lobes of Physcia tenella), sessile; disc red-brown to brown, flat to slightly convex; margin entire ore slightly crenulate, finally excluded; paraphyses with 8-12 ascospores. No spot reactions.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Lecanora-soralifera-Teu3218 Lecanora soralifera (Suza) Räsänen
On siliceous rocks.
Thallus areolate to subsquamulose or dispersed; covered with numerous yellow-green soralia (0.2-0.5 mm), arising from the surface of the areoles, discrete to confluenting; apothecia usually absent. Thallus KC+ yellow.
Central Europe: Germany.
(Coll/ident: D. Teuber).
Lecanora-stenotropa-7154 Lecanora stenotropa Nyl.
On silicatic rocks.
Thallus granular; apothecial disc brownish, margin excluded early; spores 11 x 3 µm. L. polytropa is very similar but the apothecial disc is green to greenish brown and the spores are wider (5-7 µm).
Switzerland: Glarus.
(1900 m above sea level).
Lecanora-subcarnea-5736 Lecanora subcarnea (Lilj.) Ach.
On acid rocks, in sheltered underhangs.
Thallus grey-green, uneven, thick, warted, areolate; with a whitish prothallus; apothecia abundant, immersed to sessile; apothecial disc whitish pruinose, convex to flat; hymenium pinkish to greyish brown; margin seems to be not lecanorin (paler than the thallus).Thallus K+ yellow, C-, Pd+ orange (see small image).
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Lecanora-subcarnea-7995 Lecanora subcarnea (Lilj.) Ach.
Central Europe; Germany; Baden-Württemberg: Black Forest.
Lecanora-subcarpinea-5734 Lecanora subcarpinea Szatala
Corticolous, on smooth bark of deciduous trees (e.g. Carpinus betulus).
Thallus thin, whitish-grey; apothecia up to 2 mm, disc pale brownish covered by a white pruina; apothecial margin Pd + orange-red; disc C+ yellow.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Lecanora-subcarpinea-7395 Lecanora subcarpinea Szatala
(C-reaction on an apothecial disc).
Lecanora-subrugosa Lecanora subrugosa Nyl.
On the bark of Carpinus betulus.
Thallus grey; apothecial disc red-brown to chocolate-brown; margin rising above disc, strongly crenulate. Thallus K+ yellow. (The apothecial margin of the very similar L. argentata is not crenulate).
Central Europe; Germany: Hunsrück Mountains.
Lecanora-sulphurea-8279 Lecanora sulphurea (Hoffm.) Ach.
On nutrient-enriched silicatic walls.
Thallus thick, warted-areolate; apothecia initially immersed later extending, up to 1.5 mm diam.; disc black and pruinose when old, variable in shape; margin concolorous with the thallus. Thallus KC + yellow.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Lecanora-sulphurea-Solms1850 Lecanora sulphurea (Hoffm.) Ach.
Collected in 1866 by Graf zu Solms.
Identificated by Eichler/Cezanne.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Lecanora-sulphurella Lecanora sulphurella Hepp
On basaltic rocks in sonny and dry environments.
Thallus consisting of areoles, grey to bright yellow; apothecial disc black; margin persistent, of the colour of the thallus.
Spain, Canary Islands: La Gomera
Lecanora-sulphurella-8202 Lecanora sulphurella Hepp
Lecanora-swartzii-6914 Lecanora swartzii (Ach.) Ach.
On silicatic rocks.
Thallus ± rosette-forming, often with a white prothallus (areoles radiating), cracked-areolate; areoles strongly convex to globose; apothecia constricted at the base; apothecial disc pruinose, convex with age (diam. up to 2 mm). Thallus K+ yellow, C+ orange, Pd- (the thallus of the very similar L. rupicola is C-).
Central Europe; Gemany: North Rhine Westphalia.
Lecanora-symmicta-8336 Lecanora symmicta (Ach.) Ach.
Corticolous; on deciduous trees.
Thallus usnea-green, granular to areolate; apothecia up to 0.8 mm diam.; disc yellow-brownish, becoming strongly convex very early; the margin is disappearing very soon also. Spot reactions negative.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Lecanora-umbrina-3633 Lecanora umbrina (Ach.) A. Massal.
Corticolous, on Populus spec.
Thallus whitish, inconspicuous; apothecia crowded; disc brown, not pruinose; margin not pruinose, even, disappearing with age. No spot reactions. Similar to Lecanora hagenii.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
(With young specimen of Lecanora saligna)
Lecanora-umbrina Lecanora umbrina (Ach.) A. Massal
(With Candelariella vitellina).
Lecanora-varia-02 Lecanora varia (Hoffm.) Ach.
Corticolous; epixyl.
Thallus usnea-green to yellow-green, granular to areolate, without soredia (distinction to L. conizaeoides); apothecia often crowded, up to 1 mm; disc yellow-green; thalline margin persistent. Thallus P+ yellow (L. conizaeoides P+ red).
Central Europe.