Flechtenbilder (T)

Teloschistes-capensis-7416 Teloschistes capensis (L.f.) Vain. ex Müll. Arg.
On sand dunes.
Thallus fruticose, erect, densely branched; with short fibrils (branchlets: 1-2 mm); apothecia not seen. Orange parts k+ red.
Namibia; near Swakopmund: Wlotzkasbakken.
Teloschistes-capensis-7416-02 Teloschistes capensis (L.f.) Vain. ex Müll. Arg.
Namibia; near Swakopmund: Wlotzkasbakken.
Teloschistes-chrysocarpioides-7411 Teloschistes chrysocarpioides Vain.
On shrubs in the desert.
Thallus fruticose, 1-2 cm diam.; lobes 1-2 mm wide and 4-8 mm tall; branches marginal with pale cilia; apothecia common (1-2 mm diam.); margin finally disappearing. Yellow-orange parts K+ red.
Namibia: Swakopmund.
(Identfied by V. Wirth).
Teloschistes-chrysophthalmus-7833 Teloschistes chrysophthalmus (L.) Th. Fr.
On twigs of freestanding trees.
Lobes flattened; upper surface yellow to grey-orange, lower surface paler; lobes with spinules; apothecia abundant, short stalked, margins with numerous spinules (resembles a golden eye). Thallus K+ red.
Portugal: Madeira.
Spain: La Gomera.
Teloschistes-flavicans Teloschistes flavicans (Swartz) Norman
On twigs of brushes and on Phoenix canariensis (rarely on rocks); in sunny, dry and windy habitats.
Lobes flattened, richly branched at the ends, with marginal yellow soralia and spinules (see lower photo). Thallus K+ red.
Spain; Canary Islands: La Gomera.
Tephromela-atra-7821a Tephromela atra (Huds.) Haf.
On siliceous rocks.
Thallus grey-white, warted-areolate; apothecia sessile, 1-2.5 mm in diameter; disc flat to convex; margin thick, flexuose, persistent. Cortex K+ yellow.
Spain; Canary Islands: La Gomera.
Austria: Alps.
Thallinocarpon-nigritellum-7591 Thallinocarpon nigritellum (Lettau) Jörgensen
(Wet specimen).
On calacareous rocks.
Lobes with granular isidia.
Iran; Kurdistan: Near Sanandaj.
(Coll:A. Rouhollahi; ident: H. Sipman).
Thamnolia-vermicularis-01 Thamnolia vermicularis (Sw.) Schaerer
On soil in high altitudes.
Thallus fruticose, consisting of hollow, cylindrical branches with pointed apices, usually simple or sparingly branched. Thallus K+ yellow, Pd+ yellow.
Austria: Alps
Thelocarpon-laureri-CE 4619 Thelocarpon laureri (Flot.) Nyl.
On dead wood.
Thallus inconspicuous,  immersed; apothecia globose to flat on the top, perithecioid (0.1-0.4 mm diam.). Thallus without spot reactions.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Coll/ident: Eichler & Cezanne.
Thelomma-ocellatum-8284 Thelomma ocellatum (Körb.) Tibell
On a wethered fence post.
Thallus grey, warty to areolate; black isidia forming delimited clusters; apothecia not seen. Spot reactions negative.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Thelotrema-lepadinum-8220 Thelotrema lepadinum (Ach.) Ach.
Corticolous; on deciduous trees (e.g. Quercus suber).
Thallus creamy-white-grey. Photobiont Trentepohlia. The proper margin in the apothecia is visible inside the thalline margin.
Portugal: Madeira.
Thrombium-epigaeum-6089 Thrombium epigaeum (Pers.) Wallraff
On acid soil.
Thallus crustose, bright greenish and slimy when wet, inconspicuos when dry; perithecia black.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Toninia-athallina-Henze Toninia athallina (Hepp) Timdal
On calcareous rocks.
Thallus endolithic; apothecia 0.3-0.5 mm diam.; flat at the beginning, later convex; margin disappearing with age.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Toninia-massata-5596a Toninia massata (Tuck.) Herre
On basaltic rock (covered with a thin layer of soil).
Thallus squamulose; squamules up to 2 mm diam., orbicular, weakly convex, lacking pores or pseudocyphellae; upper surface olivaceous, without pruina; apothecia up to 1.5 mm, plane and marginate when young, later often convex and immarginate, epruinose.
Epithecium K+ violet, N+ violet.
Spain: Canary Islands: La Gomera
Toninia-physaroides-7473 Toninia physaroides (Opitz) Zahlbr.
On calcareous soils.
Thallus consisting of globose, often pruinose squamules (up to 2-3 mm diam.); pseudocyphellae inconspicuous, punctiform or forming short, irregular lines. No spot reactions. (The similar T. sedifolia has no pseudocyphellae).
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
(Coll/ident: Eichler/Cezanne).
Toninia-sedifolia-5419 Toninia sedifolia (Scop.) Timdal
On calcareous rocks.
Squamules convex, bubbly, smooth, grey-brown but often covered with an white pruina, lacking pores and pseudocyphellae (the similar T. physaroides owns pseudocyphellae); apothecia up to 3 mm diam., disc flat, pruinose when young; margins angular, thick but often disappearing when older, densely pruinose to epruinose.  Epithecium K+ violet, N+ violet.
Europe: Rumania.
Germany: Hesse.
Toninia-toepfferi-6238 Toninia toepfferi (B. Stein) Navas;
On rock fissures filled with soil.
Tallus squamulose; squamules up to 4 mm diam., bullate; upper surface epruinose, with conspicuous white pseudocyphellae, lacking pores; apothecia up to 4 mm diam., plane and marginate when young, becoming convex and immarginate with age; disc slightly pruinose or epruinose. Epithecium K+ violet, N+ violet.(Together with T. physaroides the only pseudocyphellate species).
Spain: Canary Islands: La Gomera.
Toninia-tristis-ssp.-pseudotabacina-5595 Toninia tristis subsp. pseudotabacina Timdal
On basaltic rock (covered with a thin layer of soil).
Thallus squamulose; squamules up to 3-4 mm diam., bullate; upper surface often plane or with a central depression, with punctiform impressions developing into pores, without pseudocyphellae and pruina; apothecia up to 4 mm, plane to weakly convex, epruinose. Epithecium K-, N+ violet.
Spain: Canary Islands: La Gomera
Toninia-tristis-5595 Toninia tristis subsp. pseudotabacina Timdal 
Tornabaea-scutellifera-7917 Tornabaea scutellifera (With.) Laundon
On branches of dead bushes.
Thallus shrubby, up to 8 cm diam.; branches rounded to flat, ± dichotomously branched, tomentose; apothecia rare. No spot reactions. (Resembles Anaptychia but lobes entirely corticate, not dorsiventral and without marginal cilia).
Spain; Canary Islands: El Hierro, La Gomera.
Tornabaea-scutellifera-atlantica-5905 Tornabaea scutellifera (With.) Laundon
On volcanic rocks.
Spain; Canary Islands: El Hierro, La Gomera.
Tornabea-scutellifera-8688 Tornabaea scutellifera (With.) Laundon
On a basaltic wall.
Spain; Canary Islands: Lanzarote.
Trapelia-coarctata-01 Trapelia coarctata (Sm.) Choisy
On siliceous rocks.
Thallus vaiable, cracked-areolated, pale grey. Apothecia up to 0.8 mm, margin thin, grey.
Thallus C+ and KC+ red.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Trapelia-involuta-8004 Trapelia involuta (Taylor) Hertel
On acid rocks (Granit).
Thallus consisting of  areoles; areoles incised, separate to crowded and overlapping. Apothecia common, up to 0.8 mm diameter; discs rose to reddish brown; margin paler.
Central Europe; Germany; Baden-Württemberg: Black Forest.
Trapelia-placodioides-8424-01 Trapelia placodioides Coppins & James
On volcanic rocks (diabas).
Thallus creamy whitish; almost squamulose (placodioid) at the margin, ± areolate in the centre; soralia greenish, at the margins of the areoles (later confluenting). Thallus C+ red.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Trapeliopsis-flexuosa-8429CE Trapeliopsis flexuosa (Fr.) Coppins & James
On rottened wood.
Thallus consisting of uneven granular areoles; soredia finely granular, bluish-green; apothecia 0.2-0.7 mm diam., flat, margin persistent. Thallus C and KC + red.
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
(Coll/ident: Eichler/Cezanne).
Trapeliopsis-flexuosa-CE6389 Trapeliopsis flexuosa (Fr.) Coppins & James
(Coll/ident: Eichler/Cezanne).
Trapeliopsis-granulosa-130316 Trapeliopsis granulosa (Hoffm.) Lumbsch
Corticolous (upper image) on old thatched roofs (lower image) and on soils.
Thallus pale grey, consisting of small warty granules or areoles; soredia yellowish on the top of the granules; apothecia up to 1.5 mm diam., disc flat to slightly convex, pale pinkish to dark brown. Thallus C+ red.
Central Europe; Germany.
Trapeliopsis-pseudogranulosa-1203 Trapeliopsis pseudogranulosa Coppins & P. James
On different substrata (e.g. peat, plant debris and decaying wood).
Thallus consisting of granular areoles, later forming a cracked granular crust; soredia farinose, in part orange-pigmented. Thallus/soredia C+ red; orange pigmented parts K+ purple (see left lower part of the photo).
Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
Tuckermannopsis-chlorophylla-01 Tuckermannopsis chlorophylla (Willd.) Hale
Corticolous; on deciduous trees.
Lobes wavy, notched or deeply incised. Upper surface brown-olive (chlorophyll-green when wet). Lower surface pale brown, wrinkled, with few rhizines. Soredia marginal. Spot reactions: negative.
Central Europe; ± common.
Tuckermannopsis-chlorophylla-02a Tuckermannopsis chlorophylla (Willd.) Hale