Lichens of Gomera (Flechten Gomeras)


Lichen Photosessions  Between 1999 and 2019 I have visited La Gomera for eighteen times in order to photograph, to collect and to identify lichens. This results in ca. 1500 collections (capsules).
Most of them are deposited in the Natural History Museum in Stuttgart (STU) - with the exception of those from 2018 and 2019.
The latter are presented here gradually.
The numbers in parentheses are my (provisional) herbar numbers. If there is a date instead of a herbarium number (for example, 180530), then there exists a photo only.
The collection from 2018/19 will be deposited in the herbarium of the University of Tenerife.
  Photos with an * were made in La Gomera.
More (earlier) lichen photos of La Gomera can be seen in my Lichen Gallery.
Copyright: Ulrich Kirschbaum  

Recent edition: September 2020

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