Architecture (B.Eng. 2018)

Name Module Code CoordinatorsECTS-Points (CrP)
Architectural Design B2 (Tectonics)ENT2Hanenberg, Norbert Stephan
Hauck, Jürgen Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Architectural Design B3ENT3Zieske, Nikolaus Prof. Dipl.-Ing.10
Architectural Design B4 (Urban Design)ENT4Pellnitz, Alexander Prof. Dr.-Ing.10
Architectural Design B5 (Integrative Project)ENT5Metzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.10
Architectural Design B6ENT6various Coordinators10
Architectural Design in urban planningEUKBMeurer, Thomas Prof. Dipl.-Ing.5
Architecture History and Historic PreservationBGDPZieske, Nikolaus Prof. Dipl.-Ing.5
Art-Historical Special Ares in ArchitectureKSGAHanenberg, Norbert Stephan5
Bachelor Thesis with ColloquiumBAKOvarious Coordinators15
Basics of bridge constructionEBRBKühn, Bertram Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Building Construction / Program of Study Project Week (SEPW)BKO1SEPWBlatt, Markus
Kümmel, Julian Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Neumann, Maik Werner Prof.
Building Construction 2BKO2Vogelsberg, Achim5
Building Construction 3 (Enclosure)BKO3Hauck, Jürgen Prof. Dipl.-Ing.5
Building Construction 4 (Expansion)BKO4Hanenberg, Norbert Stephan5
Building Construction 5 (TGA)BKO5Metzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.5
Building Law and Civil Engineering ManagementBBBOBAURFasel, Frank
Trautner, Wolfgang Prof.
Building PhysicsBPH1Kümmel, Julian Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
City and Neighborhood Planning for Architects (Bachelor)SQPBPellnitz, Alexander Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Color Design Theory / Plastic Design TheoryGLFAGLPLVinson, Thomas4
Computer Science in AECBINFDiaz Pascual, Joaquin Antonio Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Computer Science in AEC ProjectBINPDiaz Pascual, Joaquin Antonio Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Conceptual Design B1ENT1Meurer, Thomas Prof. Dipl.-Ing.10
Descriptive Geometry and Freehand DrawingGEOMFZEIBaier, Christian Dr.-Ing.
Vinson, Thomas
Digital Planning and ConstructionDPLB5
Energy Efficient BuildingEEBANeumann, Maik Werner Prof.5
European Architecture and Civil Engineering BachelorEURBKümmel, Julian Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Zieske, Nikolaus Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Experimental set-ups in construction and designKGVAZieske, Nikolaus Prof. Dipl.-Ing.5
Functional Aspects of Building / Design Building VisualizationGEKUGEVICzempiel, Bartosz
Meurer, Thomas Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
History and Theory / Building SurveyGETHBAUFPellnitz, Alexander Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Zieske, Nikolaus Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Impromptu DesignSTGRMeurer, Thomas Prof. Dipl.-Ing.5
Knowledge Relating to Occupational Safety and Health for CoordinatorsASKKSilbe, Katja Andrea Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Landscape architectureLSABZieske, Nikolaus Prof. Dipl.-Ing.5
Materials SciencesBSKUKern, Rüdiger Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Parametric modelling and additive manufacturing processesPAMBDiaz Pascual, Joaquin Antonio Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Project Management 1PST1Metzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Neumann, Maik Werner Prof.
Radon in ConstructionRADB5
Resource-saving designRSKOMetzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.5
Resource-saving desingRSKOMetzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.5
Space - Shape Technique DetailRGTDHillgärtner, Christian Dipl.-Ing.,M.Eng.
Metzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Special Design Topics in ArchitectureGSGAZieske, Nikolaus Prof. Dipl.-Ing.5
Special Topics in Visualization (Bachelor)SVIBCzempiel, Bartosz5
Special Topics of Project ManagementSGPMMetzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.5
Structural Concepts 1TWL1Döbert, Christine Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Sustainability 1 / Building materials sciencesNBSAKümmel, Julian Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Technical ConsolidationTGABHauck, Jürgen Prof. Dipl.-Ing.5
Tendering, Awarding of Contracts + AccountingAVABMetzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.5
Timber Construction ProjectHBPRVogelsberg, Achim5
Urban Architecture (Bachelor)STABPellnitz, Alexander Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Urban Planning + Urban VisualizationSTPLSTVICzempiel, Bartosz
Pellnitz, Alexander Prof. Dr.-Ing.

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