Architecture (M.Eng. 2018)

Name Module Code CoordinatorsECTS-Points (CrP)
5D Lab- Integration, Coordination and Optimization5LABMetzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.6
Allocation and Construction Contract LawVBVRSilbe, Katja Andrea Prof. Dr.-Ing.6
Architectural Design M2 (Building Redevelopment)EWM2Hanenberg, Norbert Stephan
Hauck, Jürgen Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Zieske, Nikolaus Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Architectural Design M3 (Integrated Design Project)EWM3Metzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Neumann, Maik Werner Prof.
Art in the architectural contextKIAKVinson, Thomas
Zieske, Nikolaus Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
BIM 3D - Object-Oriented Modeling3DOMBaier, Christian Dr.-Ing.6
BIM 4D/5D Model-Based Calculation, Scheduling and Building OrganizationMKTBSilbe, Katja Andrea Prof. Dr.-Ing.6
BIM 4D/5D- Cost Management, Scheduling and TenderingKPTAMetzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.6
BIM 5D Modeling: Technology and Management Basics5TMGDiaz Pascual, Joaquin Antonio Prof. Dr.-Ing.6
Building Design M1EWM1Meurer, Thomas Prof. Dipl.-Ing.10
Building Informatics MBINMDiaz Pascual, Joaquin Antonio Prof. Dr.-Ing.6
Building Physics ConceptsBPHKKümmel, Julian Prof. Dr.-Ing.6
Building Processes 2BVF2Fasel, Frank6
City and Neighborhood Planning for Architects (Master’s)SQPMPellnitz, Alexander Prof. Dr.-Ing.6
Construction Condition/ Builiding ConstructionKBBKHanenberg, Norbert Stephan
Hauck, Jürgen Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Construction Costs - ControllingBKCOSilbe, Katja Andrea Prof. Dr.-Ing.6
Design as Architecture and Research AreaABFFHanenberg, Norbert Stephan6
European Architecture and Civil Engineering MasterEURMKümmel, Julian Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Zieske, Nikolaus Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Expert Practice and PrinciplesSVWMFasel, Frank6
Facades (Master)FASMMeurer, Thomas Prof. Dipl.-Ing.3
Fire Protection PlanningPLBSKümmel, Julian Prof. Dr.-Ing.6
Fire Safety in Building RemediationBSIBKümmel, Julian Prof. Dr.-Ing.6
Historic Building PreservationDPFLZieske, Nikolaus Prof. Dipl.-Ing.3
History and Theory MGETMPellnitz, Alexander Prof. Dr.-Ing.3
International ConsultingINCOSteiger, Friedrich Prof. Dr.-Ing.6
Lean ConstructionLEANFasel, Frank6
Masters Thesis with ColloquiumMAKOvarious Coordinators30
Parametric Modelling in Architecture Construction Engineering and Life Sci- ence EngineeringPARMCzempiel, Bartosz
Döbert, Christine Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Keil, Boris Prof. Dr.
Practice Internship ModuleBPMOBaier, Christian Dr.-Ing.12
Preventive and Technological Fire ProtectionAABSKümmel, Julian Prof. Dr.-Ing.6
Preventive Construction Fire ProtectionVBBSKümmel, Julian Prof. Dr.-Ing.6
Project Leadership and Project OrganizationPFPOSilbe, Katja Andrea Prof. Dr.-Ing.6
Project: Approval PlanningPRGPDiaz Pascual, Joaquin Antonio Prof. Dr.-Ing.6
Renewable EnergyEBENDiaz Pascual, Joaquin Antonio Prof. Dr.-Ing.6
Special Areas of TGASTGAHillgärtner, Christian Dipl.-Ing.,M.Eng.
Metzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Special Ares in ArchitectureSGAMHauck, Jürgen Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Zieske, Nikolaus Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Special Topics in Visualization (Master’s)SVIMCzempiel, Bartosz6
Sustainable BuildingNABANeumann, Maik Werner Prof.6
Technical Building ServicesTGAMMetzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.2
Tendering, Awarding of Contracts and Accounting (Master’s)AVAMSilbe, Katja Andrea Prof. Dr.-Ing.6
The sustainable cityDNSMNeumann, Maik Werner Prof.6
The urban cityDUSMMeurer, Thomas Prof. Dipl.-Ing.6
Urban Architecture (Master’s)STAMPellnitz, Alexander Prof. Dr.-Ing.6
Visit of Construction SitesBAPRFasel, Frank6
Visualization MVISMCzempiel, Bartosz2

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