Civil Engineering (B.Eng. 2018)

Name Module Code CoordinatorsECTS-Points (CrP)
Applied Water ManagementAGWWHeusch, Steffen Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Bachelor Thesis with ColloquiumBAKOvarious Coordinators15
Basics of Bridge EngineeringEBRBKühn, Bertram Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Building Construction 2BKO2Vogelsberg, Achim5
Building Construction 5 (TGA)BKO5Metzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.5
Building Construction and Program of Study Project WeekBKO1 SEPWBlatt, Markus
Kümmel, Julian Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Neumann, Maik Werner Prof.
Building Construction Processes 1BVF1Fasel, Frank5
Building Physics 1BPH1Kümmel, Julian Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Building Physics 2BPH2Kümmel, Julian Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Civil Engineering Management / Building LawBBBOBAURFasel, Frank
Trautner, Wolfgang Prof.
Computer Application of Traffic EngineeringWPVKBark, Andreas Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Lademann, Frank Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Computer Science in AECBINFDiaz Pascual, Joaquin Antonio Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Computer Science in AEC ProjectBINPDiaz Pascual, Joaquin Antonio Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Construction Management and CalculationBMBKSilbe, Katja Andrea Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Construction Management ProjectBBPRSilbe, Katja Andrea Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Descriptive Geometry and Mathematics 1GEOMMAT1Baier, Christian Dr.-Ing.
Bokler, Martin Prof. Dr.
Schmalen, Irene Prof. Dr.
EDV - Application in Construction Management and Project ManagementWPBPSilbe, Katja Andrea Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Energy Efficient BuildingEEBANeumann, Maik Werner Prof.5
European Architecture and Civil Engineering BachelorEURBKümmel, Julian Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Zieske, Nikolaus Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Foundation Engineering 1GRB1Unold, Otto Florian Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Foundation Engineering 2GRB2Unold, Otto Florian Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Geographical Information SystemsGISVDiaz Pascual, Joaquin Antonio Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Highway Design and Materials 2STW2Bark, Andreas Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Infrastructure Planning ProjectISPPvarious Coordinators5
Integrated Project / Structural DesignIPTWVogelsberg, Achim5
Integrative ProjectINTPMetzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.5
Knowledge Relating to Occupational Safety and Health for CoordinatorsASKKSilbe, Katja Andrea Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Materials SciencesBSKUKern, Rüdiger Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Mathematics 2MAT2Diaz Pascual, Joaquin Antonio Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Pavement Design and Materials 1STW1Bark, Andreas Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Practical internship PhaseBPPHBaier, Christian Dr.-Ing.15
Principles of Infrastructural EngineeringGLVWLademann, Frank Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Project Management 1PST1Metzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Neumann, Maik Werner Prof.
Rail systems and technologyBSBTLademann, Frank Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Reinforced Concrete Design 1SBB1Blatt, Markus
Minnert, Jens Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Reinforced Concrete Design 2SBB2Blatt, Markus
Minnert, Jens Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Sanitary Engineering 2SWW2Theilen, Ulf Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Soil Mechanics 1BOD1Unold, Otto Florian Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Solid Construction 1 with ProjectMAB1Günther, Gerd Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Solid Construction 2 with ProjectMAB2Günther, Gerd Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Special Topics of Project ManagementSGPMMetzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.5
Steel Construction 1STB1Kühn, Bertram Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Steel Construction 2SBA2Kühn, Bertram Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Structural Analysis 1BST1Döbert, Christine Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Structural Analysis 2BST2Döbert, Christine Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Structural Concepts 1TWL1Döbert, Christine Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Structural Concepts 3TWL3Kern, Rüdiger Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Structural engineering 2TWL2Günther, Gerd Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
SurveyingVERMBark, Andreas Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Tendering, Awarding of Contracts + AccountingAVABMetzger, Dirk Prof. Dipl.-Ing.5
Timber Construction - basicsHBGRVogelsberg, Achim5
Timber Construction ProjectHBPRVogelsberg, Achim5
Traffic EngineeringVKTELademann, Frank Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Transport Planning and Public Transport SystemsVPPVLademann, Frank Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Tunnel Construction and Pipe JackingTUBAKühn, Bertram Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Unold, Otto Florian Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Urban Planning / Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)SUVPPellnitz, Alexander Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Theilen, Ulf Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Urban Water Management 1SWW1Theilen, Ulf Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Water Resources Engineering 1WAW1Heusch, Steffen Prof. Dr.-Ing.5
Water Resources Management 2: Engineering Hydrology and Water SupplyWAW2Heusch, Steffen Prof. Dr.-Ing.5

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