Engineering Informatics (M.Sc. 2017)

Name Module Code TeachersECTS-Points (CrP)
3D computer visionTE5011Bartsch, Guido Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Inform. (TR)
Rinn, Klaus Prof. Dr. (TR)
3D Simulation and VisualizationTE5009Bartsch, Guido Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Inform. (TR)6
Advanced concepts of autonomous drivingTE5006Czekansky, Jakob Ing. (TR)6
Advanced EnglishSK5004Dworschak, Alexander Prof. Dr. (COR)3
Advanced Interactive Systems and TechnologiesCS5364Weigel, Martin Prof. Dr. (TR)6
Advanced Programming concepts and user interfacesPE5009Bienhaus, Diethelm Prof. Dr. Ing. (TR)6
Automated Software Testing for Embedded SystemsPE5014Kreutzer, Michael Dipl.-Inform. (COR)6
Concepts of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0)TE5005Bienhaus, Diethelm Prof. Dr. Ing. (TR)
Überall, Christian Prof. Dr. (TR)
Consulting and project managementBA5006Karry, Martin (TR)
Kneisel, Peter Prof. Dr. (COR)
Control EngineeringTE5001Bienhaus, Diethelm Prof. Dr. Ing. (TR)6
Cryptography and Systems SecurityTI5006Rein, Andre Prof. Dr. (TR)6
Data Analysis, Data Mining and Machine LearningPI5008Cemic, Franz Prof. Dr. (TR)
Dominik, Andreas Peter Prof. Dr. (TR)
Kammer, Frank Dr. habil. (TR)
Deep Learning for Computer VisionTE5008Ghobadi, Seyed Eghbal Prof. Dr. (TR)6
Differential Equations, Fourier and Laplace TransformMN5001Metz, Hans-Rudolf Prof. Dr. (TR)
Schneider, Albert Prof. Dr. (TR)
Distributed AlgorithmsTI5005Meyer, Uwe Prof. Dr. (TR)6
Distributed SystemsPI5001Franzen, Berthold Prof. Dr. (TR)
Meyer, Uwe Prof. Dr. (TR)
Distribution and MarketingBA5005Hohmann, Peter Prof. Dr. (TR)
Przewloka, Martin Honorar Prof. (TR)
Hands-on training distributed embeded systemsPE5004Kreutzer, Michael Dipl.-Inform. (TR)
von Zabiensky, Florian (TR)
Hands-On Training Industrial RoboticsPE5013Schauer, Moritz (TR)6
Hardware for Embedded SystemsPE5006Geisse, Hellwig Prof. Dr. (TR)
Müller, Bernd Prof. Dr. (TR)
Hardware Software CodesignTE5003Müller, Bernd Prof. Dr. (TR)6
Hardware-based System SecurityCS53526
High Performance ComputingCS5355Bartsch, Guido Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Inform. (TR)6
Human Resources ManagementBA5009Dworschak, Alexander Prof. Dr. (COR)
Scheuerl, Thomas (TR)
Labour law for future managersSK5014Dworschak, Alexander Prof. Dr. (COR)
Scheuerl, Thomas (TR)
Leadership has to be learnt by yourself and others...SK5015Dworschak, Alexander Prof. Dr. (COR)
Lins, Nadja (TR)
Logic and Formal MethodsTI5002Renz, Burkhardt Prof. Dr. (TR)6
Master thesis with colloquiumMS5003Renz, Burkhardt Prof. Dr. (COR)30
Master thesis with colloquiumMS5003Kneisel, Peter Prof. Dr. (COR)30
Methods of Software DevelopmentSE5001Quibeldey-Cirkel, Klaus-Dieter Prof. Dr. (TR)
Volkmer, Paul-Christian (TR)
Mobile RobotsPE5015Bienhaus, Diethelm Prof. Dr. Ing. (TR)
Rudigkeit, Nina Prof. Dr.-Ing. (TR)
Schauer, Moritz (TR)
Modeling of Cyber Physical SystemsTE5004Bienhaus, Diethelm Prof. Dr. Ing. (TR)6
Modelling of discret event systemsTI5007Franzen, Berthold Prof. Dr. (TR)6
Negotiation and Mediation Approaches for Future ManagersSK5009Dworschak, Alexander Prof. Dr. (COR)
Scheuerl, Thomas (TR)
Pattern Recognition and Machine LearningPI5012Ghobadi, Seyed Eghbal Prof. Dr. (TR)6
Presentation, Leading Communications and NegotiationsSK5003Dworschak, Alexander Prof. Dr. (COR)
Lins, Nadja (TR)
Project Management - Industry 4.0 und DigitalizationCS5351various Teachers6
Project Management 2BA5010various Teachers3
Project with WorkshopMS5002Renz, Burkhardt Prof. Dr. (COR)15
Real-Time SystemsPE5001von Zabiensky, Florian (TR)6
Reverse Engineering of an Embedded SystemPE5007Bienhaus, Diethelm Prof. Dr. Ing. (TR)6
SeminarMS5001Kneisel, Peter Prof. Dr. (COR)3
Shaping the future with new solutionsSK5017Dworschak, Alexander Prof. Dr. (COR)
Gronauer, Barbara (TR)
Software Architecture and Application DevelopmentSE5002Herzberg, Dominikus Prof. Dr. (TR)
Meyer, Uwe Prof. Dr. (TR)
Quibeldey-Cirkel, Klaus-Dieter Prof. Dr. (TR)
Stress- and ConflictmanagementSK5007Dworschak, Alexander Prof. Dr. (COR)
Scheuerl, Thomas (TR)
Synchronous Programming in Embedded SystemsTE5007Kreutzer, Michael Dipl.-Inform. (COR)
Terber, Matthias (TR)
System Theory 2 - Interdisciplinary ApplicationsCS5348Schumann, Axel Prof. Dr. (TR)6
Systems EngineeringTE5010various Teachers6

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