Informatics for Engineers (M.Sc. 2022)

Name Module Code TeachersECTS-Points (CrP)
3D computer visionIIK5005Rinn, Klaus Prof. Dr. (TR)6
3D Simulation and VisualizationIIK5007Bartsch, Guido Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Inform. (TR)6
Advanced EnglishGS5002Kneisel, Peter Prof. Dr. (COR)3
Advanced hardware and software development of autonomous vehiclesIIR5006Czekansky, Jakob Ing. (TR)
Ghobadi, Seyed Eghbal Prof. Dr. (TR)
Advanced Interactive Systems and TechnologiesPI5511Weigel, Martin Prof. Dr. (TR)6
Advanced Programming methods and user interfacesIIR5009Bienhaus, Diethelm Prof. Dr. Ing. (TR)6
Advanced Project ManagementWW5004Hohmann, Peter Prof. Dr. (TR)
Krüdener, Stephan Erich Kurt Vertretungs Prof. (TR)
Siepermann, Markus Prof. Dr. (TR)
Automated Software Testing for Embedded SystemsIIR5010Kreutzer, Michael Dipl.-Inform. (COR)6
Concepts of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0)IIK5004Bienhaus, Diethelm Prof. Dr. Ing. (TR)
Überall, Christian Prof. Dr. (TR)
Consulting and project managementWW5002Karry, Martin (TR)
Kneisel, Peter Prof. Dr. (COR)
Control EngineeringIIK5002Bienhaus, Diethelm Prof. Dr. Ing. (TR)6
Cryptography and Systems SecurityTI5004Lauer, Hagen (TR)
Rein, Andre Prof. Dr. (TR)
Data Analysis, Data Mining and Machine LearningPI5005various Teachers6
Deep Learning for Computer VisionIIR5012various Teachers6
Distributed AlgorithmsTI5003Elberfeld, Michael Prof. Dr. (TR)
Meyer, Uwe Prof. Dr. (TR)
Distributed SystemsPI5001Meyer, Uwe Prof. Dr. (TR)6
Distribution and MarketingWW5001Hohmann, Peter Prof. Dr. (TR)
Przewloka, Martin Honorar Prof. (TR)
Hands-on training distributed embeded systemsIIR5004Kreutzer, Michael Dipl.-Inform. (TR)
von Zabiensky, Florian (TR)
Hands-On Training Industrial RoboticsIIR5008Schauer, Moritz (TR)6
Hardware for Embedded SystemsIIR5005Bienhaus, Diethelm Prof. Dr. Ing. (COR)
Geisse, Hellwig Prof. Dr. (TR)
Kendl, Ralf (TR)
Hardware Software CodesignIIR5003Bienhaus, Diethelm Prof. Dr. Ing. (TR)
Kendl, Ralf (TR)
Hardware-based System SecurityPI5508Eckel, Michael M.Sc. (TR)
Rein, Andre Prof. Dr. (COR)
High Performance ComputingIIK5009Bartsch, Guido Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Inform. (TR)6
Human Resources ManagementWW5003Scheuerl, Thomas (TR)3
Labour law for future managersGS5005Scheuerl, Thomas (TR)3
Leadership has to be learnt by yourself and others...GS5006Lins, Nadja (TR)3
Logic and Formal MethodsTI5002Elberfeld, Michael Prof. Dr. (TR)
Renz, Burkhardt Prof. Dr. (TR)
Master thesis with colloquiumGEN5003Dworschak, Alexander Prof. Dr. (COR)30
Methods of Software DevelopmentSE5001Vaupel, Steffen (TR)
Volkmer, Paul-Christian (TR)
Weyer, Thorsten Prof. Dr. (TR)
Mobile RobotsIIR5002Bienhaus, Diethelm Prof. Dr. Ing. (TR)
Rudigkeit, Nina Prof. Dr.-Ing. (TR)
Schauer, Moritz (TR)
Modeling and SimulationMAT5002Lenders, Felix Prof. Dr. (TR)6
Modeling of Cyber Physical SystemsIIK5003Bienhaus, Diethelm Prof. Dr. Ing. (TR)6
Modelling of discret event systemsTI5005Elberfeld, Michael Prof. Dr. (TR)
Franzen, Berthold Prof. Dr. (TR)
Negotiation and Mediation Approaches for Future ManagersGS5004Scheuerl, Thomas (TR)3
Pattern Recognition and Machine LearningPI5007various Teachers6
Practical Course Artificial IntelligencePI5505Dominik, Andreas Peter Prof. Dr. (TR)
Ghobadi, Seyed Eghbal Prof. Dr. (TR)
Meckbach, Cornelia Prof. Dr. (TR)
Presentation, Leading Communications and NegotiationsGS5001Lins, Nadja (TR)3
Project Management: Industry 4.0 und DigitalizationIIR5011various Teachers6
Project with WorkshopGEN5002Dworschak, Alexander Prof. Dr. (COR)15
Quality Assurance for Artificial IntelligenceIIK5008various Teachers6
Real-Time SystemsIIR5001von Zabiensky, Florian (TR)6
Reverse Engineering of an Embedded SystemIIR5007Bienhaus, Diethelm Prof. Dr. Ing. (TR)6
SeminarGEN5001Dworschak, Alexander Prof. Dr. (COR)3
Shaping the future with new solutionsGS5007Gronauer, Barbara (TR)3
Software Architecture and Application DevelopmentSE5002Herzberg, Dominikus Prof. Dr. (TR)
Meyer, Uwe Prof. Dr. (TR)
Weyer, Thorsten Prof. Dr. (TR)
Stress- and Conflict ManagementGS5003Scheuerl, Thomas (TR)3
Synchronous Programming in Embedded SystemsIIK5006Kreutzer, Michael Dipl.-Inform. (COR)
Terber, Matthias (TR)
Systems EngineeringIIK5001various Teachers6

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