Trainer Aptitude (professional and pedagogical skills, according to AEVO)

Module Code
various Teachers
Short Description

Trainer Aptitude 1
The students develop an understanding of the vocational training process, from planning through to completion in the binary system. This includes, in particular, independent study of fundamental questions pertaining to employment law in vocational training, goal-oriented trainee appraisal, and also the selection and employment of trainees.

Trainer Aptitude 2
The students acquire professional and educational qualifications in preparation for the Trainer Aptitude test. This qualification measure comprises general principles of teaching in apprenticeships as well as encouraging the process of learning.

Trainer Aptitude 3
Students acquire in-depth knowledge of the practical aspects of vocational training work. In particular; Training a group and completion of apprenticeship

Duration in Semester
Total Effort
4 CrP; an estimated 120 hours
Weekly School Hours
By Appointment