Modelling Base Pattern for Information Systems

Module Code
Module Coordinators
Achim Kaufmann
  • Peter Hohmann
  • Achim Kaufmann
  • Harald Ritz
  • Manfred Scheer
  • Short Description
    The aims of this module are an introduction into the representation, modeling, and implementation of basic enterprise structures. The results are reference models for the development of standard business systems.
    Learning Objectives

    The students know the design of organizational structures and concepts and are able to model basic business processes. They understand the issues and importance of business modelling and practical implementation. The implementation of software systems from professional models is transparent to students

    Duration in Semester
    Instruction Language
    Total Effort
    6 CrP; an estimated 180 hours
    Method of Instruction
    Lecture 2 sppw Exercises 2 sppw
    Requirements for the awarding of Credit Points
    Written or oral exam (The form of the examination will be announced to the students in a timely and appropriate manner)
    Evaluation Standard
    according to examination regulations (§ 9)
    • Literatur
    • A.-W. Scheer: Wirtschaftsinformatik (auch Studienausgabe) Springer
    • P. Mertens: Integrierte Informationsverarbeitung 1: Operative Systeme in der Industrie Gabler
    • P. Mertens, C. Marco: Integrierte Informationsverarbeitung
    • 2: Planungs- und Kontrollsysteme in der Industrie Gabler
    • M. Fowler: Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture Addison-Wesley
    • P. Hruby: Model-Driven Design using Business Patterns Springer