Problem Frames

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Burkhardt Renz
Burkhardt Renz
Short Description
Two aims: (1) Learning about Problem Frames, Michael Jackson's approach for the systematic analysis of software requirements (2) Practizing the scientific discourse at the example of that topic.
Learning Objectives

Participants achieve two aims:
•They know about the approach of problem frames for the requirements analysis for software systems and the (semi-)formal proof that a specification fulfils these requirements.
•They know how to read a scientific text analytically and to discuss critically the results of a scientific study.


In the module we read and discuss the book „Problem Frames: Analysing and Structuring Software Development Problems“ by Michael Jackson. The Students learn about the principles and structures of requirements analysis with problem frames.

Furthermore they practise critical reading and thinking as well as the scientific dispute.

Duration in Semester
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Total Effort
3 CrP; an estimated 90 hours, of which approximately 30 are spent in class.
Weekly School Hours
Method of Instruction

Seminaristischer Unterricht 2SWS

Requirements for the awarding of Credit Points

Regular attendance (80% of the time)

Evaluation Standard

no grade according to examination regulations (§ 3)

As Needed

Michael Jackson: Problem Frames: Analysing and Structuring Software Development Problems, Addison-Wesley

Prerequisite Modules