Industry 4.0 - Introduction, concepts and technologies

Short Name
Industrie 4.0
Module Code
Module Coordinator
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Überall
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Überall
Short Description

The course 4.0 teaches the basics of Industry 4.0 and the goals that shall be achieved with the implementation of Industry 4.0. Additionally, the students get a solid understanding of the concepts and technologies of Industry 4.0

Learning Objectives

The students…

  • Know the basics and the importance of Industry 4.0
  • Can explain the difference between Smart Factory and Industry 4.0
  • Know the system environment of a Smart Factory
  • Know new technologies that are used in the development and production environment, like virtual reality and augmented reality
  • Can assess the chances, the risks and the challenges of Industry 4.0
  • Are able to work on a topic independently
  • Know the importance of the demographic change in connection with the implementation of an Industry 4.0 strategy
  • Can assess the importance of the interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Introduction of the basics of Industry 4.0
  • Connecting of humans, machines and processes
  • Comparing of models (Industry 4.0, International Internet Consortium)
  • System environment of a Smart Factory
  • Interfaces and technologies of the system environment
  • Challenges, chances and risks of Industry 4.0
Duration in Semester
Instruction Language
Total Effort
6.0 CrP; an estimated 180 hours, of which approximately 60 are spent in class.
Weekly School Hours
Method of Instruction

seminar 4 SWS

Requirements for the awarding of Credit Points

Prüfungsvorleistung: Regelmäßige Teilnahme (mindestens 80% der Zeit)

Prüfungsleistung:Präsentation oder Projekt
(Art des Leistungsnachweises wird den Studierenden rechtzeitig und in geeigneter Weise bekannt gegeben)

Evaluation Standard

according to examination regulations (§ 9)

  • Thomas Schulz: Industrie 4.0 – Potentiale erkennen und umsetzen, Vogel Business Media
  • Jürgen Kletti, In vier Stufen zur Smart Factory, MPDV Whitepaper
  • Plattform Industrie 4.0: Diverse