Components and Frameworks

Short Name
Kompon. & Frameworks
Module Code
Module Coordinator
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Henrich
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Henrich
Short Description
Basics of the component-technologies and the role of frameworks with respect to modern software development are treated. As an example the students develop software-components using Microsofts .Net framework.
Learning Objectives

The students:

  • get a deep knowledge concerning the structure of modern frameworks to be used in Application development and learn how to develop .NET framework components
  • are familiar with component-architectures and existing component-models

get the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in object-oriented software development

Part I: Basics
  • Software-reusebility
  • The principles of frameworks
  • Components and component based software-development
  • Architecture of component-based systems
Part II: Microsoft.NET
  • The .NET framework architecture
  • C#
  • .NET components
  • WinForms
  • WebForms and ASP.NET
  • Web Services
  • .NET Remoting
Duration in Semester
Instruction Language
Total Effort
6.0 CrP; an estimated 180 hours, of which approximately 60 are spent in class.
Weekly School Hours
Method of Instruction

Lecture 2 SWS, Practical Course 2 SWS

Requirements for the awarding of Credit Points

Examination prerequisite: 2 certified written exercises

Exmination: Written exam

Evaluation Standard
according to examination regulations (§ 9)
  • C. Szyperski: Component Software: Beyond Object-Oriented Programming Addison-Wesley
  • D. Schmidt, M. Stal, H. Rohnert, F. Buschmann: Pattern-Oriented
  • Software Architecture Volume 2: Patterns for Concurrent and Networked Objects Wiley
  • T. Thai, H. Q. Lam: .NET Framework Essentials: Introducing the .NET Framework O'Reilly
  • J. Liberty: Programming C# O'Reilly
  • Microsoft Corp.: Microsoft Developers Net
Prerequisite Modules