Organisation theory

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Module Coordinators
Armin Wagenknecht
  • Peter Hohmann
  • Harald Ritz
  • Armin Wagenknecht
  • Short Description
    This course conveys the principles of organisation design by means of orgware.
    Learning Objectives

    The students know the principles of organisation layout by means of organisational methods. They are able to work on organisational problems self-directedly, and they know the particular problems of organisation structuring. They are able to coordinate with the responsible in terms of the desired solution of the development process.

    • Basics of structure and process organisation
    • Inter-company organisation
    • Management and organisation
    • Methods and techniques of organisation
    • Organisational structuring principles (function and process oriented enterprise organisation)
    • Enterprise development strategies (e.g. Business Process Reengineering, KVP, Kaizen)
    • Human factor in organisation
    • Case studies concerning organisation
    Duration in Semester
    Instruction Language
    Total Effort
    6 CrP; an estimated 180 hours, of which approximately 60 are spent in class.
    Weekly School Hours
    Method of Instruction

    Lecture 4 with integrated Exercises and Projekt SWS

    Requirements for the awarding of Credit Points

    Examination prerequisite: Project work

    Examination: Written exam

    Evaluation Standard
    according to examination regulations (§ 9)
    • Klimmer, Matthias. Unternehmensorganisation: Eine kompakte und praxisnahe Einführung. Herne: NWB Verlag.
    • Schmidt, Götz. Organisatorische Grundbegriffe. Wettenberg: Schmidt, Götz.
    • Schmidt, Götz. Organisation und Business Analysis Methoden und Techniken. Wettenberg: Schmidt, Götz.
    • Olfert, Klaus : Organisation. Ludwigshafen: Kiehl.
    • Vahs, Dietmar: Organisation: Ein Lehr- und Managementbuch, Stuttgart: Schäffer-Poeschel.
    Prerequisite Modules
    Prerequisite for Modules