Project with Workshop

Module Code
Module Coordinator
  • Prof. Dr. Burkhardt Renz
Short Description
Realization of a software project with a concrete, relevant task - often with partners outside university
Learning Objectives
The field of software engineering is marked by fast innovation of technology and methods, by growing size and complexity of projects and finally by increasing quality requirements.
In the project the participants learn to meet these demands.
For that they develop software for a relevant task. Participants
  • improve and extend their knowledge of computer science and apply it to a concrete problem,
  • settle quickly into the application domain, so that they can offer domain experts solutions of high quality,
  • proceed according to methods and principles of software engineering,
  • solve technical and organizational problems of the project
  • train their ability to communicate and to judge in the collaboration with domain experts.
The subject of the project is the solution of a relevant question, normally a joint project with a partner in industry. The project needs knowledge
  • of concerned fields of computer science
  • of the application domain
  • of software engineering
The workshop goes further into the knowledge needed to achieve the goals of the development project.
Duration in Semester
Instruction Language
Total Effort
15.0 CrP; an estimated 450 hours
Weekly School Hours
Method of Instruction
Seminar 2 sppw Study Project 6 sppw
Requirements for the awarding of Credit Points
Artifacts of the development project, individual contribution to the project
Evaluation Standard

no grade according to examination regulations (§ 3)


Je nach Thema des Entwicklungsprojekts und des Seminars

At least 48 Creditpoints already achieved
Prerequisite for Modules