Corporate Governance and Strategical Management

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Module Coordinators
Peter Hohmann
  • Peter Hohmann
  • Michaela Andrea Peschk-Aschenbrenner
  • Armin Wagenknecht
  • Short Description
    This course conveys the basics of corporate governance, such as management processes, management techniques, and fields of corporate governance.
    Learning Objectives

    The students know the basics of corporate governance and strategically management and are able to apply the methods of corporate management and strategic management. Students are able to tap into the the overarching causal connections business management models and concepts through discussions and reflections on the team.

    Introduction into corporate governance (definitions, objectives), Governance studies (Approaches to governance, leadership styles, management models, legal basis), Management process (target setting, planning, realisation, controlling, stearing), Management techniques (self management, qualitative methods, creativity technique), Selected fields of corporate governance:
    • Integrated management (normative, strategic, operative management)
    • Organisational structuring (structural, operational and processural organisation)
    • Human resources management (structures, principles, conflicts)
    • Risk management (types, identification and analysis, control of risks)
    • Quality management (ISO 9000:2000)
    • Controlling
    Duration in Semester
    Instruction Language
    Total Effort
    3 CrP; an estimated 90 hours, of which approximately 30 are spent in class.
    Weekly School Hours
    Method of Instruction
    Lecture 2 sppw
    Requirements for the awarding of Credit Points
    Written exam or home work and presentation or presentation and oral exam or 2 presentations (The form of the examination will be announced to the students in a timely and appropriate manner)
    Evaluation Standard
    according to examination regulations (§ 9)
    • H.-J. Rahn: Unternehmensführung,
    • H. Hungenberg, W. Torsten: Grundlagen der Unternehmensführung,
    • K. Macharzina: Unternehmensführung,
    • U. D. Holzbaur: Management,
    • S. Reisinger; R. Gattringer; F. Strehl: Strategisches Management,
    • H. Hungenberg: Strategisches Management in Unternehmen,
    • R.M. Grant, M.Nippa: Strategisches Management
    • R. Dillerup, R. Stoi: Unternehmensführung