Secure Software Engineering

Short Name
Secure Software Engineeri
Module Code
Module Coordinator
  • Dr. habil. Frank Kammer
  • Dr. habil. Frank Kammer
Short Description

Secure deployment, analysis tools, typical security holes and encryption systems

Learning Objectives

Students have a good understanding of the key aspects of attack-safe software design. They can:

  • identify threats to software systems
  • avoid the most common weak points
  • use techniques and tools to identify and close security vulnerabilities
  • theoretical understand and practically set up encryption software
  • make piracy of self-developed software more difficult

They are capable to

  • set up a system in a team for improving the security within a network and
  • present the system in a seminar environment.
  • design and implement software that protects itself and the processing information
  • purpose limitation (data protection)
  • communication on the web (https, VPN)
  • analysis tools (e.g., for web communication, disassembler)
  • typical security vulnerabilities (buffer overflows, DoS, code execution, cross-site scripting, (SQL) injections, etc.)

Setting up

  • Email encryption and certificates
  • Web servers, SSL certificates and encrypted web pages
  • firewalls
  • encrypted file systems
Duration in Semester
Instruction Language
Total Effort
6.0 CrP; an estimated 180 hours, of which approximately 60 are spent in class.
Weekly School Hours
Method of Instruction

Seminaristischer Unterricht 2 SWS, Praktikum 2 SWS

Requirements for the awarding of Credit Points

Prüfungsvorleistung: 2 anerkannte Hausübungen

Prüfungsleistung: Klausur oder Projekt (Art und Umfang der Prüfungsleistung wird den Studierenden zu Beginn der Veranstaltung bekannt gegeben)