Independent teaching

Short Name
Eigenständige Lehre
Module Code
Module Coordinator
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Kneisel
Short Description

In this module, students teach current content from a given technical area.

Learning Objectives

The students have a summary of actual issues out of defined part. They can work out, structure and explain a subject with framework of lecture.

  • Research and preparation of actual issuesout of defined professional parts
  • Structuring and reconditioning of a 90-minute lecture plus development of lecture material.
  • Conception and implementation of a 90-minute exercise part. Documentation of the exercises and solution possibilities.
Duration in Semester
Instruction Language
Total Effort
6.0 CrP; an estimated 180 hours, of which approximately 90 are spent in class.
Weekly School Hours
Method of Instruction

Seminar 2 SWS, practical course 4 SWS

Requirements for the awarding of Credit Points

Examination prerequisite: Successful participation in a tutor qualification or tutoring activities.

Examination: essay (lecture/ exercise documents), presentation (execution of a 90-minute lecture and two 90-minute exercises)

Evaluation Standard

according to examination regulations (§ 9)


Wird von den Studierenden jeweils rechtzeitig vor den Vorlesungsveranstaltungen bekanntgegeben