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Module Coordinator
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Schmidt
  • Albert Schneider
Short Description
Mathematic models for business applications
Learning Objectives

mathematics - operations research 1

Participants will learn to master the mathematical models needed for dealing with issues relating to business
administration and economics.

mathematics - operations research 2

Students will be shown how to master and apply mathematical methods for dealing with problems connected with
business administration and economics.


mathematics - operations research 1

- sequences and limiting values: definitions, characteristics
- applications: calculating compound interest, calculating repayment rates, forms of depreciation (§ 7 Income Tax Law)
- functions of one or more variables: definitions, characteristics, different function types, Lagrange functions
- applications: price-turnover function, cost function, revenue function, profit function, income tax function (§ 32 Income
Tax Law)
- differential calculus with one or more variables: deductions, curves
- applications: maximisation of profit, minimisation of costs, calculating marginal costs

mathematics - operations research 2

- solving equations and inequations (iteration process)
- calculating investments
- linear equation and inequation systems
- linear optimisation
- graphs
- analysing subassemblies (parts list)
- transport models
- internal cost-and-benefit analysis

Method Competence
Social Competence
Self Competence
Duration in Semester
Instruction Language
Total Effort
6.0 CrP; an estimated 150 hours, of which approximately 60 are spent in class.
Weekly School Hours
Method of Instruction

lectures, exercises, tutorial

Requirements for the awarding of Credit Points


Evaluation Standard

Grading pursuant § 9 according to provision (Part I of the exam regulations).


Purkert W. , Brückenkurs Mathematik für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler
Matthäus H, Matthäus W-G , Mathematik für BWL-Bachelor
Luderer B, Würker U , Einstieg in die Wirtschaftsmathematik
Sydsæter K., Hammond P , Mathematik für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler
Böker F, Formelsammlung für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler: Mathematik und StatistikTietze J, Einführung in die angewandte Wirtschaftsmathematik
Tietze J, Einführung in die Finanzmathematik

Zum Wiederholen der „Schulmathematik”:
Endres E: Wiederholung Algebra, Stark Verlag
Küstenmacher W T, Partoll H, Wagner I: MATHE macchiatoZum Wiederholen der „Schulmathematik”:

Study Aids

lecture scripts and worksheets with hints for solutions as PDF

Prerequisite for

204, 715, 104, 203, 726