German health sector

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Gesundheitswesen i. D
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Module Coordinator
  • Prof. Dr. Helmut Kehr
  • Prof. Dr. Helmut Kehr
Short Description
Stakeholders in the health sector, functions and interests
Learning Objectives

Students will learn to appreciate the goals of the various interest groups in the health service and be informed about the
activities and importance of these groups. In addition, the course gives an overview of the contributions paid to and the
services offered by the different health insurance providers, Finally, there will be an introduction to invalid care insurance.


Introduction to the most importance groups in the health service (politicians, employers and employers‘
associations, trade unions, health insurance providers, offerors of services); the individual functions, interests and targets
of the main groups. Conflicting interests and common interests and the effect of these interests on the development of
the health service, using some current examples. Power among the respective groups in the health services to give
orders and make decisions. Social risks and protecting oneself against them (different branches of social insurance and
the services they provide). An overview of the various services offered by the health insurance providers (with special
emphasis on a number of core areas). Health support, prevention of illness and early detection of diseases. The official
health insurance providers (structure and tasks). Invalid care insurance (basic principles, structure, services).

Method Competence
Social Competence
Self Competence
Duration in Semester
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Total Effort
6.0 CrP; an estimated 180 hours
Weekly School Hours
Method of Instruction

lectures, seminars

Requirements for the awarding of Credit Points

Exam, presentation

Evaluation Standard

Grading pursuant §§ 9 and 12 according to provision (Part I of the exam regulations).


Becker-Berke, Stephanie; Lautwein-Reinhard, Birgit , Stichwort: Gesundheitswesen (Ein Lexikon für Einsteiger und Insider)
Zeitschriften der Spitzenverbände der Krankenkassen
Sozialgesetzbuch (SGB)
Zeitschrift "führen und wirtschaften im Krankenhaus"
Krankenhausreport des WidO, verschiedene Jahrgänge

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lecture scripts

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