Competition and bankruptcy law

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Competition and bank. law
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  • Prof. Dr. iur. Tilo Keil
  • Prof. Dr. iur. Tilo Keil
Short Description
Law against unfair competition, bankruptcy proceedings
Learning Objectives

In this course students will become acquainted with the laws governing advertising, learn to distinguish between unfair
business practice and restraint on trade, and understand the legal background to competition. In addition, the course
focuses on the question of insolvency (bankruptcy and financial reconstruction).


- law against unfair competition
- protective function of the law
- general clauses of the law (state of affairs and legal consequences; systematics of case groups: canvassing,
disturbance, exploitation, breach of the law, disturbing the market)
- comparative advertising
- special state of affairs within and beyond the scope of the law against unfair competition
- pushing through claims
- basic features of the law against restraint on trade
- bankruptcy law
- content of bankruptcy proceedings
- bankruptcy assets
- bankruptcy proceedings
- financial reconstruction (reorganisation)
- insolvency with regard to the consumer, discharging the consumer from residual debt

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Social Competence
Self Competence
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Total Effort
6.0 CrP; an estimated 180 hours
Weekly School Hours
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Requirements for the awarding of Credit Points


Evaluation Standard

Grading pursuant § 9 according to provision (Part I of the exam regulations).


Jeweils in aktueller Auflage:
Danne/Keil, Wirtschaftsprivatrecht, Band II
Köhler/Bornkamm, Wettbewerbsrecht (Kommentar zum UWG)
Ohly/Sosnitza, Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb (Kommentar zum UWG)
Harte-Bavendamm/Henning-Bodewig, UWG-Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb (Kommentar)
Alexander, Wettbewerbsrecht
Boesche, Wettbewerbsrecht
Emmerich, Unlauterer Wettbewerb
Lettl, Wettbewerbsrecht
Berlit, Wettbewerbsrecht
Götting, Wettbewerbsrecht
Gloy/Loschelder, Handbuch des Wettbewerbsrechts
Lettl, Kartellrecht
Emmerich, Kartellrecht
Reischl, Insolvenzrecht
Smid, Grundzüge des Insolvenzrechts
Pape/Uhlenbruck, Insolvenzrecht
Zimmermann, Insolvenzrecht
Foerste, Insolvenzrecht
Bork, Einführung in das Insolvenzrecht
Becker, Insolvenzrecht
Gogger, Insolvenzrecht
Jauernig/Berger, Zwangsvollstreckungs- und Insolvenzrecht
Gottwald, Insolvenzrechtshandbuch
Braun, Insolvenzordnung (Kommentar)
Kayser/Thole, Insolvenzordnung (Kommentar)
Smid, Insolvenzordnung (Kommentar)

Study Aids

Danne/Keil, Wirtschaftsprivatrecht II, newspaper advertisements and articles

Prerequisite Modules
Recommended Prerequisites

205, 305