Professional Development

BIM Congress

An event organized by the civil engineering department of the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen , Deutsche Bahn and the cooperation partners RIB, Autodesk and Leica Geosystems.

Gießener Bauforum

"Construction News"
As in previous years, new developments in the construction industry will be addressed as part of the specialist seminar.

The Further training seminar addresses employees of engineering and architectural offices, companies, administrations and test centers who deal with topics of civil engineering or architecture.

SOLID CONSTRUCTION compact seminar

The compact seminar will be Department of Civil Engineering the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen , represented by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Minnert, aligned. During the seminar, important trends and innovations in civil engineering will be addressed.

Center for Cooperative Teaching and Learning (ZekoLL)

IWW department, e-learning advice and workshops

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The THM promotes and demands the didactic and technical Professional Development of its teachers and has this claim in the principles of good teaching formulated, which were passed by the Senate in 2008. The university didactics of the THM is a "permanent task in the area of ​​teaching and learning: IWW/academic personnel development" in the center for cooperative teaching and learning ( ZekoLL) structurally anchored.

The offer includes university didactic workshops, university didactic coaching, tutor qualification, mentorship and E-learning. Further offers in the area of ​​internal academic Professional Development particularly address topics from the areas of academic personnel development, university development and university management, as well as quality development in the context of studying and teaching. In addition, target group-specific needs are addressed within the framework of the internal scientific Professional Development addressed.

In the teaching and learning workshop ZekoLL all teachers, departments and "central tasks" can implement their own projects for the further development of their teaching and learning concepts with internal and external support.

You will find a selection of conferences and other events in the field of university didactics here.


In addition to the face-to-face Degree Courses , the THM also offers working people the opportunity to continue their academic education.

In the distance learning center in Friedberg, part-time master's and certificate degrees can be obtained.

The Center for Dual University Studies (ZDH) in Wetzlar is the provider of dual Degree Courses and Professional Development courses, which are carried out as part of StudiumPlus . Here you will find Professional Development degree courses (Bachelor/Master), Professional Development modules and certificate courses.

The THM Business School of the Department of Economics in Gießen offers a part-time MBA course in English.

As mentors, teachers and students support the self-management of students and thus improve their ability to study. As part of the BMBF project "Class in the crowd - The way of THM " (KIM) a mentoring system is being developed which, by increasing the quality and intensity of support throughout the entire period of study up to the transition to working life, is intended to promote satisfaction with the studies and thus reduce dropouts and changes in studies.

The mentoring programmes that are implemented in the individual departments can be IWW be supported within the framework of training courses and the support of concept developments.

Student tutors can receive further training in university didactics free of charge in order to improve their teaching. The didactic and methodical knowledge that is imparted ensures that tutorials are planned and carried out, which promote active learning among the students. That Tutor qualification programme “Learn to teach – learn to lead” consists of a basic and several advanced qualifications that can be attended independently of each other. Further information on the events as well as dates and registration options can be found here here.

Please note: For tutors who are interested in the project "Class in the crowd" (KiM) are financed, participation in the tutor programme is contractually binding. We have created various options for you so that you can put together a qualification programme that is right for you: Please select as KiM tutor from the following three variants the right offer for you:

1) Participation in 1x basic qualification + 1x advanced qualification 6.5 hours or

2) Participation in 1x basic qualification + 1x advanced qualification 4.5 hours + 1x reflection meeting or 

3) Participation in 1x basic qualification + 2x sitting in on the tutorial (request and registration by e-mail) + 1x reflection meeting


In addition to attending the individual qualification courses, tutors receive support during the semester in the form of a process support offered, e.g. through job shadowing and/or reflection meetings.


Professional Development workshops

  • For executives in the state of Hesse, the Central Further education of the Hessian state administration an annual Further education programme. If you are interested, please speak up Personnel development department because it provides you with administrative support.

  • The “Scientific Professional Development Working Group of the Hessian Universities of Applied Sciences” (AGWW) offers all employees an annual Professional Development programme, which also includes the area of ​​leadership skills. The correspondingly marked workshops are accredited by the HMdIS and are recognized as Further education within the framework of the Further education concept. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact IWW.

  • This is complementary to these programmes Personnel development department for managers and administrative staff In-house offers such as workshops and seminars, also on management issues. If necessary, individual coaching offers and support for team building projects are also provided. Furthermore, the Personnel Development department advises executives on the sensible application of various human resource development tools, such as B. the annual meeting. Please also contact us if you are interested in external Further and Professional Development offers.

Managers of the departments can take advantage of individual advice and external coaching provided by IWW can be designed and organized.

Professors, research assistants, teachers for special tasks and lecturers at THM can take advantage of a comprehensive range of Professional Development , advice and services free of charge:

Regular university Further education programmes are within the framework of two cooperations and internally by the Internal Scientific Professional Development – ​​University Didactics and E-Learning (IWW) offered:

  • The “Scientific Professional Development Working Group of the Hessian Universities of Applied Sciences” (AGWW) offers all employees a Professional Development programme that, among other topics, also includes the area of ​​university didactics. Newly appointed professors will find helpful support in starting their teaching career in the “University Didactics Introductory Week”.

  • The "Higher Education Network Central Hesse" (hdm) enables all teachers at the three universities in central Hesse to take part in a purely university didactic Professional Development programme. The certificate serves as proof of the acquired qualification "Competence for professional university teaching" offered.

  • Complementary to these cooperation programmes, IWW offers as required university-internal further education and short workshops for THM teachers.

Lecturers at IWW receive university didactic advice in particular from the university didactic coaching. Lecturers are individually supported in the conception, implementation and reflection of courses and examinations in the sense of student-centred teaching and learning ("shift from teaching to learning"). Depending on the concerns of the lecturers, feedback on their own teaching activities can be given as part of a teaching visit (on request with video feedback), support with the conception and introduction of new teaching concepts and examination formats in practice or advice on the implementation of e-learning applications in teaching.

Quick access to our internal events

The department for personnel development primarily supports the administrative-technical, non-academic employees of the university in acquiring and maintaining professional qualifications and motivation. We plan and organize according to needs and target groups internal events. If you do not find the Further education you are looking for in the current offer, you are welcome to do so  Form with suggestions for your personal Professional Development needs.

Personnel Development will also be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable candidates external Further educational measures. These should be coordinated with your manager to match your development ideas (e.g. as part of an annual appraisal).

The executives are according to the " Further education concept 2018 for the Hessian state administration" Committed to regular management training of 10 days within 5 years. In addition, necessary professional Further training should be carried out.