Would you like to be a volunteer? Are you in the market for intercultural training? The Internationale Buddy Programme offers you the opportunity to do that.

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Would you like to volunteer to help international students, students with a refugee background and student applicants to make sure that they receive a warm welcome and have a good start at university? Have you always wondered where our international students are from and what it's like for them to live here? Would you like to get to know other cultures and perhaps even improve your foreign language skills? Since the 2016-17 autumn semester the International Buddy Programme (IBP) has opened its doors and now offers interested THM staff members the opportunity to be part of a buddy team. Now you too can welcome and get to know a newcomer and accompany this student an entire semester.

The International Buddy Programme

The International Buddy Programme (IBP) is a programme offered by THM's International Office. The aim of the IBP is to promote the international community at THM and provide support for new international students to ensure that they get off to a good start at THM and in their immediate surroundings. The programme focuses on integrating international students into student life at THM and life outside the university campuses before they begin studying.

At the beginning of each semester new international students or student applicants (newcomers) are matched with experienced THM students or staff members (oldies) to form buddy teams. Before buddy team members meet for the first time in person, IBP coordinators help match up newcomers and oldies according to the individual preferences and interests of both members.

A major activity of the buddy teams is to meet up on a regular basis and do things together. How often they meet and what they do together is left entirely up to the buddy team. One important thing buddy teams can do together is attend the IBP events that are held each semester. These events include get-togethers held on a regular basis at restaurants (Stammtisch), social activities, field trips and many different kinds of workshops. Buddies can also go to the cafeteria together, walk around campus, tour the library or do a sports activity together. An all-day intercultural training seminar is a special event that newcomers and oldies can attend, which means that local THM students and staff and international students and student applicants can meet up and take part in a training programme.

Key facts:

  • Buddy teams consist of an 'oldie' and a 'newcomer'
  • The type and frequency of buddy team activities is not specified by the programme but left up to each team
  • All buddy teams and individuals are welcome to attend IBP events held during the semester
  • Acting as a buddy is completely voluntary
  • Buddy team activities are not part of working hours
  • Participation in the intercultural training session can be counted as part of working hours after an internal permission request has been approved by HR.

If you want more information or sign up for the programme, go to go.thm.de/buddy-de.
Robbin Clarissa Bastian is waiting to hear from you. You can call her at 0641 309-1328 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information on the REACH THM programme (Refugee’s Academic Home THM) go to go.thm.de/reach