Your membership at the university ends when you are de-registered. Exmatriculation is only necessary if you leave the university for good and not if you change courses within the THM .

After successfully completing your studies or after dropping out of your studies, you must de-register. De-registration on your own application is possible at any time. It usually takes effect at the end of a semester. Upon express request, de-registration is also possible on a specific date, but not retrospectively.

  • The application is made directly through the E-campus via the menu service - Requests. If you no longer have access to the E-Campus, please contact the InfoCenter.
  • If you want to de-register at the end of the semester but have already re-registered for the following semester, please also submit the application for reimbursement of contributions.
  • If you still have property belonging to the university (books, keys, devices, etc.), please hand them in before exmatriculation.

A certificate for determining downtime in the pension insurance system and a certificate of study time (certificate of de-registration) will be made available to you on the E-Campus as a PDF. You still have access to your account for a maximum of 90 days after de-registration.

Upon your express request, the certificate can also be sent to you by post or email as a PDF.

The de-registration takes place (according to § 65 Hessian Higher Education Act) on the part of the university if you

  • have not reported back properly,
  • have been enrolled due to an incorrect notification of admission and the withdrawal of the notification of admission has become final or can be enforced immediately,
  • When re-registering, do not provide proof of the paid contributions for the university, the student union, the student body or the payment of due fees,
  • do not meet your obligations to the responsible health insurance company,
  • have definitively failed an Further required to continue their studies.