If you would like to change your course of study within the THM you have the following options:

Application for a higher semester
You can find information on the application process for a higher semester here.

Application for an NC course (1st semester)
You can find information on the application process for an NC degree for the 1st semester here.

Enrollment for a non-restricted course (1st semester)
You can find more information on enrolling in a non-restricted degree programme here.

recognition of achievements
Passed achievements from previous studies can be recognized. The respective service must be equivalent. Credit will be given by the responsible department. Please ask the responsible dean's office for the contact person in the individual departments nat. For recognition, students must submit all required documents to the department. As far as possible, the achievements are taken over with a grade and then later included in the overall grade calculation.

Expiring Degree Courses
It is still possible to complete a degree in the following Degree Courses up to the date of final hiring. A change of course is recommended if it is foreseeable that you will not be able to complete your studies on time.

coursefinal setting
HospitalPlanningTechnology (Bachelor) 31.03.2025
Management in Medicine (Bachelor) 31.03.2026
Media Informatics (Master) 31.03.2027
Methods and Didactics in Applied Sciences_Higher Education (Master) 30.09.2027
communications engineering and computer networks 30.09.2025
Computer Engineering (Bachelor) 30.09.2025