Upon request, students can be granted a leave of absence for an important reason. The application for leave of absence must be justified and the required evidence must be attached.

The application is made directly through the E-campus via the menu service - Requests. If you no longer have access to the E-Campus, please contact the InfoCenter.

Reasons for a leave of absence from studies are in particular

  1. You have recieved a illness, which excludes proper study,
  2. the performance of a study-related internship period, the Not part of the study is
  3. a study-related stay abroad,
  4. the time of one maternity leave or the maternity leave, as well as for the Care of relatives in need of care according to a medical certificate,
  5. membership of a cadre formed at the federal level (A, B, C or D/C squad) a top professional association in the German Olympic Sports Confederation,
  6. the Participation as an appointed or elected representative academic or student self-government.


Evidence for justification

To 1:       In the event of illness, the probable duration of the illness must be certified by a doctor.
To 2: A study-related internship (not basic internship or BPP) is proven by a corresponding certificate from the department.
To 3: A study stay at a foreign university must be proven by submitting the certificate of enrollment from the foreign host university. In addition to the application for a leave of absence, written confirmation from the department or the International Office that the stay abroad is related to your studies must also be submitted.
To 4: Proof of maternity protection is provided by presenting the relevant pages of the maternity passport (copy). Parental leave is confirmed by copying the Child's birth certificate (certified copy) documented.
The medical certificate on the care of relatives in need of care should also contain information about that the care of the student in the requested leave of absence semester In fact is done.
To 5: Belonging to a cadre formed at the federal level (A, B, C or D/C squad) must be proven by a certificate from the relevant top professional association in the DOSB.
To 6: Participation as appointed or elected representative in academic or student self-government, a written certificate is provided by the competent authority.

 Please note the additional information:

  • A retrospective leave of absence for a completed semester is excluded.
  • A leave of absence in the first semester is usually only possible in the case of Vacation reasons 1, 4, and 5 (see above) possible.
  • A leave of absence generally excludes the acquisition of proof of performance or the taking of examinations. Exceptions: In the case of holiday reasons 4 - 6  (see above).
  • A repetition failed exams, especially from the previous semester, during the leave of absence is possible.
  • A leave of absence to prepare for a bachelor’s or master’s thesis is excluded. This also applies to apparent freedom.
    Exceptions: In the case of No. 4 - 6 (see holiday reasons).
  • A leave of absence to complete the basic internship or the BPP (also as part of a stay abroad) is excluded.
  • A leave of absence for a semester abroad that is mandatory in the examination regulations Not possible.
  • Vacation semesters do not count as subject semesters.
  • With the exception of holiday reason 1 (see above), a leave of absence is possible for a maximum of six semesters. Of the Holiday reason 4 (see above) does not count against this maximum limit.
  • The passive right to vote is suspended during the leave semester (ie, students on leave can take part in elections at the university, but cannot be elected themselves).