Last attempt at the exam

What does that actually mean?

The General Provisions for Bachelor's Examination Regulations and Master's Examination Regulations at the THM stipulate that only a certain number of examination attempts are available for each module. More about the number of exam attempts and the changes from October 1, 2019 can be found in the FAQ from the Examination Office.
If all attempts are exhausted, the module is finally failed. This has far-reaching consequences, because if you do not have the right to take an examination, you will be forced to exmatriculate from the course you have studied so far.
And without the right to take an examination, it is often no longer possible to continue studying at another university in the same course.

So the last try is important for you and should be well prepared.

We would therefore like to give you suggestions on where you can find support:

In the department

  • Talk to the teachers in your subject. What recommendations can they give you so that the exam can be successful?
  • Consider an oral exam. In some Degree Courses these can be requested for the last attempt. (see subject-specific conditions)
  • Always use the exam review. In this way, you can specifically address weak points.
  • Contact the course advisors in the department. You can find out who this is in the department secretariat.
  • Find out more about other offers in your department. Is there e.g. B. special refresher courses?

With other students

  • Form study groups. Anyone who is good at explaining a topic to others has usually understood it.
  • Use tutor groups. In some subjects you can get helpful tips from older students.
  • Really visit all exercises. And work on all the tasks there so that you are optimally prepared.

For themselves

  • Consider tutoring. Did other students perhaps pass the exam very well?
  • Optimize your learning. Small changes often have a big impact.
  • Use the library. There are specialist books on almost all topics that explain difficult topics in a much more understandable way.
  • Test yourself with old exams. You can often get this from the student council in your department.

Professional advice on the subject