All applicants are listed for the degree programme applied for on the "Ranking by waiting time" guided. Among the applicants with the same waiting time, the following criteria decide on the rankings one after the other:    

  • level of qualification
  • rendered service
  • Come on

The waiting time is calculated based on the number of half-years that have elapsed from the acquisition of the university entrance qualification to the start of the application semester. The calculation is only made in full half-years. A semester lasts from

  • April 01 - September 30
  • October 01 - March 31

The semester in which the university entrance qualification was acquired is not taken into account in the calculation. The waiting time is also calculated regardless of how often you have already applied to the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen . A maximum of 7 waiting semesters are taken into account.

Effects of pre-study periods on the waiting time

If you were already enrolled at a state or state-recognized university in the Federal Republic of Germany, the number of half-years in which you were enrolled at a university will be deducted from the total number of waiting times. i.e. periods of study that have already been completed are not waiting times.

Anyone who can prove that they were prevented from acquiring their higher education entrance qualification at an earlier time for reasons for which they are not responsible will be on application upon submission of the reasons for the hindrance, with an earlier date of acquisition of the higher education entrance qualification.

increase in waiting time

Under certain circumstances, the number of half-years that have actually elapsed can be increased in favor of the applicant and thus improve the chances of admission within the quota after waiting time.

The number of semesters is increased by

  • one, for six months of vocational training, but no more than two half-years, if the applicant has obtained a professional qualification outside of the university before acquiring the university entrance qualification that was not a prerequisite for acquiring the university entrance qualification (HZB).
  • no more than four half-years if the applicant completed an apprenticeship before acquiring the HZB. In this case, the HZB must have been acquired before July 16, 2004.
  • eins, if the applicant has obtained a professional qualification outside the university after obtaining the university entrance qualification or has been employed for at least three years and the start of the training or employment is before January 16, 1998.

This applies accordingly if the applicant was prevented from obtaining a professional qualification outside the university before acquiring the university entrance qualification due to the performance of a service.

On professional qualification is present

  • Training occupations that are included in the list of recognized training occupations of the Vocational Training Promotion Act;
  • proof of vocational training at a state-recognized technical or vocational school;
  • completed training in the simple, middle or higher level of public administration;
  • an equivalent vocational training according to Art. 37 Para. 1 or 3 of the Unification Treaty.

Vocational training periods increase the waiting time Not, if these represent the practical part of the entitlement to university entrance.