Guest auditors

Guest auditors can apply for anyone who wants to complete or expand their knowledge in individual subject areas. For admission as a guest auditor, no proof of a university entrance qualification according to Section 54 of the Hessian Higher Education Act is required.

You can get the application for guest auditor status and a notice of fees on request from the Admissions Office of the chosen place of study (Campus Gießen or Campus Friedberg). Please note the "Contact field" at the bottom right of this page.

The course catalog is available from the secretariat of the respective department or from the central students advisory service . Please enter the course(s) in which you would like to participate in the application. A possible participation in the corresponding course(s) must be approved by the signature of the university lecturer or the dean of the responsible department.

In order to process the guest student application, the following must be submitted to the study secretariat:

  • Completed application signed by the applicant, entry of the desired course(s) and signature of the university lecturer or the dean of the responsible department.
  • Receipt or bank transfer slip from which the payment of the fees in the amount of 100,-- € for the requested semester.
  • There are options for exemption from the fee if you provide proof of benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act, proof of basic security under Social Security Code II (citizen’s allowance) or other reasons that can be proven in a suitable form. Please inquire about this at the Admissions Office.

After paying the fees (according to HHG), submit the application with proof of payment to the Admissions Office. The guest student certificate will then be created there and sent to you by post. The guest student license then entitles you to participate in the approved course(s).

Please note that guest auditors are not entitled to take or take preliminary, intermediate and final examinations, module examinations or other course-related examinations stipulated in examination regulations. Guest auditors are not enrolled and do not have student status according to Section 55 (1) HHG.