AStA - The General Student Committee

Students do not only come to the university to study. The AStA is the body in which students continuously strive to improve the general conditions of their studies and promote exchange between the university and society. Your personal commitment makes a significant contribution to student life at the university.

All activities of the AStA thrive on students contributing their knowledge, experience and energy to improve our situation at the university, in the city and in society or - more simply - to make studying (more) pleasant.

The General Student Board can be compared to the government. He manages the day-to-day business of the student body and is bound by the instructions of the student parliament. Current business includes, above all, maintaining services for studies and contact with the university management.

There is a division of labor in the AStA. There is a branch manager and a number of departments dealing with finance, BAföG and social issues as well as leisure activities. The journey to us is particularly worthwhile for prospective and first-year students. Here you can find contact to "experienced" studies that can provide information and helpful tips. The office also organizes consultation hours where you can get expert advice on many issues that are of great importance in student life.

In addition, the AStA publishes a brochure with the first semester information "ESI" that contains many practical tips for the start of your studies, and a newsletter that provides information about current events at the university.

But as I said, the AStA thrives on self-government and is therefore always dependent on volunteers who are willing to get involved. Commitment is also rewarded. Those who actively participate show that they can think outside the box and are given the opportunity to acquire soft skills.