Smart card

The chip card is available to all THM students.

After receiving the chip card and at the beginning of each new semester, the card must be printed at an update terminal. To do this, the chip card is simply inserted into the terminal and the card is reprinted with the corresponding expiry date. Please note that the card can only be printed once the current semester fee for the coming semester has been paid. A 14-day processing time after the receipt of the money until it is printed on the chip card is to be expected.

For our visually impaired students, the terminals in Gießen are equipped with voice output (BLiZ).

A notice:
The chip card for students is no longer used as a means of payment for copiers, as currently shown in the videos.

You can still print out a personalized PDF replacement ticket until December 31, 2020. This can be done after logging into the " Online services for students" can be downloaded via the link in the information text. This to be printed out Replacement ticket for the students the THM (except distance students) is valid from

10/01/2020 to 12/31/2020

and the only in connection with the current certificate of enrollment for the winter semester 2020/21 together with the student ID and the identity card or passport (You can print out the current certificate of enrollment if you User account activated to have).

Then only the student ID in the form of a chip card can be used as a ticket under the usual RMV terms to be used. So provide this in good time before the turn of the year with the current semester imprint at the corresponding update terminals in compliance with the hygiene regulations and distance rules!