STEP - Study induction programmeme

Dear THM freshmen,

It's great that you have decided to study at the THM ! On this page you will find all information about how to start your studies as a freshman at the THM . It's best to bookmark it right away, we are constantly updating the content. You can also find current information and promotions for first-year students on our Instagram channel: thm. students advisory service . Subscribe now so you don't miss anything!

A notice: The information on this page is for everyone who is taking part in the winter semester 2023/24 bachelor course on campus Friedberg or Gießen begin. master students at both locations as well as students from StudiumPlus will be contacted separately.

STEP stands for STudiaEintroductoryPprogramme. Various activities (information events, support from mentors, advisory services) are summarized under STEP, which are part of the official start of lectures (on October 9, 2023) are connected upstream.

Save the Date - the next events

The STEP events for this semester are already over. Did you miss STEP? Then take a look at the as soon as possible Website of your department to get all the information as soon as possible. An overview of the department pages including links can be found on our website STEP plan winter semester 2023/24.

Before it begins...

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