STEP - Study induction programmeme

Dear THM freshmen,

It's great that you have decided to study at the THM ! On this page you will find all information about how to start your studies as a freshman at the THM . It's best to bookmark it right away, we are constantly updating the content. You can also find current information and promotions for first-year students on our Instagram channel: advice. Subscribe now so you don't miss anything!

A notice: The information on this page is for everyone who is planning a summer semester 2023 bachelor course on campus Friedberg or Gießen begin. master students at both locations as well as students from StudiumPlus will be contacted separately.

STEP stands for STudiaEintroductoryPprogramme. Various activities (information events, support from mentors, advisory services) are summarized under STEP, which are part of the official start of lectures (on April 11, 2023) are connected upstream.

Save the Date - the next events

CONTINUOUSLY from MONDAY, 6.3. until FRIDAY, 31.3.


Bridge courses

Bridging courses serve to prepare you professionally for your studies. They offer the ideal opportunity to repeat school material or to compensate for gaps in knowledge. The bridging courses are offered in the subjects of mathematics, programmeming, physics and chemistry. All courses last one week and take place before the start of the course.

MONDAY, 3.4.

from 9.45 a.m. (Campus Friedberg)
from 9.30 a.m. (Campus Gießen )

It starts! - Welcome for all freshmen at THM

Official start of studies for all first-year students in the summer semester 2023

  • greeting
  • lots of info and
  • Division into mentoring groups

Afterwards: campus tour with the STEP mentors

So make sure to be there!

You received the invitation with the specific times and room numbers when you picked up your chip card at the InfoCenter. If not, you can also find them on this page in the yellow box Important downloads.

MONDAY, 3.4.

from 10.30 a.m. (Campus Friedberg)
from 12.00 p.m. ( Gießen campus)

Campus Meet & Greet

The central institutions set up information stands on the THM campus where they introduce themselves, answer questions and hand out information material.

The STEP mentors take the freshmen directly to the stands as part of the campus tour.

One Overview of all events as part of the STEP weeks in the summer semester 2023 can be found on the page STEP plan summer semester 2023.

Before it begins...


More info and support

Please also note the general information from the university on the corona situation!