International Office

Should you have any questions or problems regarding any of the following, please contact an International Office support team member:

  • International student applications and admissions
  • Changing your degree course
  • Residence status
  • Financial resources for students
  • Awards for international students
  • Meeting other students
  • Looking for a flat
  • International Buddy Programme
  • Planning a semester or internship abroad

To find out which of our support team members can provide you with assistance with the topics listed above click here. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions. If we are not able to answer your question or solve your problem, we will try to find someone who can. 

We have prepared a brochure with important information that will help you get off to a successful start with student life at THM in Giessen, Friedberg and the surrounding area.

Students Advisory Service

The Students Advisory Service offers prospective students and students advice on their individual problems and needs. We can help you decide on which degree course to study and support you in overcoming difficulties you're having with studying and work.


Department Advisors

There are department advisors in each department you can turn to if you have questions regarding a particular degree subject. To find the appropriate advisor go to and click on the degree course you are interested in. Select "More Links" and then "Department Advisors“.

Study Centre

In the Study Centre you can receive help in the first-year subjects for all courses offered at the Friedberg campus.

For more information go to:


Student Councils

Many departments have their own student councils made up of students studying degrees in the respective department. You can also ask these students important questions you may have. You can even be active in the student council yourself.  


Students Union

The German acronym 'AStA' stands for the "Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss“ and designates the Students Union. The Students Union is something like a government for students in that they elect the student parliament, which in turn elects members of the Student Union. Members of the Student Union are students who are committed to ensuring that the interests of students are considered at the university and act as representative for the student body. The Students Union offers free advisory services for many different topics such as psychological and legal advice (see below).

For more information about the Students Union at the Giessen Campus visit:
For more information about the Students Union at the Friedberg Campus visit:


Free legal advice from a lawyer

Should you require legal advice, for instance about your residence status, you can make use of the Student Union's legal advice service. You can talk to a lawyer about your problem free of charge. Dates for appointments with a lawyer are given on the Student Unions' web pages (see above).

Protestant Student Association (PSA)

Henselstr. 7
35390 Gießen
Tel.: 0641 76757

 Advice / Financial support for students in need

The Protestant Student Association (PSA), called the "Evangelische Studierendengemeinde" or "ESG" in German, offers advice for international students. In addition, students with financial difficulties through no fault of their own can apply for financial grants from the PSA. The contact person is Doris Kreuzkamp. (cf. information on counselling hours )

Semester programme

The PSA promotes international encounters and offers a programme with lectures, field trips and workshops every semester. These events are also open to non-Christian students. In addition, the PSA organises Protestant church services and spiritual events (cf. the PSA's list of events).

Catholic Student Association (CSA)

Wilhelmstr. 28
35392 Gießen
Tel.: 0641 78031

Advice on social affairs

The Catholic Student Association (CSA), called the "Katholische Hochschulgemeinde" or "KHG" in German, offers advice on social affairs and on scholarships awarded to international students by the Catholic Academic Exchange Service, or the Katholischer Akademischer Ausländer-Dienst (KAAD) in German. International students with financial difficulties through no fault of their own can also apply for one-time financial grants from the CSA. (cf. information on counselling hours )

Semester programme

The CSA promotes international encounters and offers a programme with lectures, field trips and workshops every semester. These events are also open to non-Christian students. In addition, the CSA organises Catholic church services and spiritual events (cf. KHG and follow the link called "Aktuelle Projekte“, which means current projects)


Giessen Student Services Organization

Advice for international students

The Student Services Organization's 'Advice Team' are available to answer any questions that may arise during your stay in Giessen or in Friedberg. You may have questions concerning the progress you're making with your degree course, residence or work permits, health insurance or the campus where you're studying. The Advice Team would be happy to answer these and other questions during their office hours. 

Residence hall tutoring programme

The purpose of the Residence Hall Tutoring Programme, in German the "Wohnheimtutorenprogramm" or "WoTuPro" for short,  is to make it easier for all new students living in a hall of residence to settle in in their new surroundings and make new contacts. The tutors also provide help whenever there are problems. They also promote contact between students from different countries by organising field trips, sport events, parties and culture nights. These events are either free of charge or require only a small fee. All students may take part in these events, even those who do not live in one of the student service's halls of residence. Contact the residence hall tutors for their list of events.

STUBE Hessen

"STUBE Hessen" is a programme aligned with development politics and is particularly for students from Africa, Asia and Latin America who are studying in Hesse. The programme offers seminars, academic events and all-day events. In addition, STUBE Hessen promotes internships in Africa, Asia and Latin America. For students who would like to return to their home country after graduation, STUBE Hessen helps them to develop a meaningful career perspective following their return. STUBE Hessen supports students in their attempts to apply what they have learned in Germany in their home countries.

For more information visit: