Are you studying at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen and are looking for:

  • advice and help because you have been discriminated against due to your ethnic origin and/or religion or world view
  • information on possible courses of action against discrimination
  • a place to report discrimination you have observed

If so, we can offer you the following help:

  • qualified advice on a case of discrimination provided in a confidential manner
  • advice provided in your best interest
  • support in finding ways to solve intercultural conflicts

What is discrimination due to ethnic origin, religion or world view?

By discrimination we mean any kind of less favourable treatment due to a person's ethnic origin, religion or world view. Discrimination is irrespective of intentions; what is important is whether an unequal treatment, which is (most often) due to an irrelevant characteristic, places students at a disadvantage.
In general, discrimination is present when equals are treated unequally, as when students are denied the right to take part in something because of the colour of their skin.
Discrimination is also present when people having unequal qualifications are treated as equals.

How can you contact us?

BIKO's expert advice is prompt and close to home. All rooms are of course accessible for people with disabilities. Student concerns can also be submitted anonymously. There are several ways to contact us:

The following are possible for all forms of contact:

  • reports on observed cases of discrimination
  • questions answered and information given serving as initial advice and a general orientation
  • initial contacts with individual needs concerning advice

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