Committee Work

BIKO is a member of the THM equal opportunity task force. In close coordination with the university administration and staff involved in providing student services at THM, BIKO is tasked with the development of a lasting anti-discrimination policy to be used at the university that will be put in place at all levels with the aim to establish an anti-discrimination culture. BIKO coordinators seek to take part in other committees depending on the relevance of the topic and thus ensure the group's continuous presence in influencing decisions relevant for the university. Through committee work, the knowledge about our work on anti-discrimination can be disseminated and improved.

Scholarly Work and Discourse

By virtue of its expertise BIKO performs a scholarly task both conceptually and in terms of content. THM will always be able to fall back on BIKO's expertise in developing its anti-discrimination strategy or making it sustainable. The collective goal is to recognize and identify cases of discrimination by talking about them and to minimize these by implementing constructive measures. Continuously analysing and dealing with discrimination matters and the effects these have on the university represent indispensable building blocks for BIKO's conceptual anti-discrimination work. The advisory service will allow suitable courses of action for THM to be developed that are in step with actual practice and that result from real-life experiences with discrimination that students have. BIKO will be able to identify the loopholes in discrimination protection in tertiary education and know how to act accordingly to establish a lasting anti-discrimination culture that is effective at all levels.


BIKO has links to people and institutions involved in anti-discrimination work both at the state and federal levels. Moreover, BIKO is part of the Hessian network of universities for anti-discrimination advisory services. This networking allows information on variation approaches to providing advisory services to be shared in various groups and possible innovations or developments to THM's own anti-discrimination strategy to be reviewed. Networking produces synergy effects and allows quality standards to be worked out and constantly checked.

Public Relations

In addition to web pages and print media (such as flyers or posters) containing information on BIKO's support, the advisory service prepares various public materials for low threshold sensitization to the topic of anti-discrimination work at universities. These materials represent an important means of increasing the popularity of the advisory service.