How can I study at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen as an Erasmus student or an exchange student?

If you want to study here as an ERASMUS student or exchange student, please ensure that you complete the following so you can get off to a good start at THM:

The following information might also be helpful:
- THM study abroad coordinators
THM grading system

  • Application deadlines
    1st June (NEW) for the autumn semester
    1st December (NEW) for the spring semester

  • Admission:
    You will receive a letter of acceptance in July (for the autumn semester) or in January (for the spring semester).

  • Accommodation:
    If you apply early, you will be guaranteed a room in a hall of residence belonging to the Giessen Student Services Organization (Studentenwerk Giessen).

  • Language of instruction:
    The language of instruction for most courses and modules at THM is German. We recommend that you prepare by taking an intensive German language course. You can find more information at International Summer Course and International Spring Course.

    THInC International semesters and degree programmes in English: THM offers a variety of modules, exchange programmes and degree courses held in English. Round off your academic programme with German language courses. Our offers apply to certain departments. Please check our current listings at

  • Visa:
    Please make an appointment with the German embassy in your home country well in advance. You can find more Information at our Residence Status page.

 Semester schedules

For the latest scheduling information go to our semester & lecture timetable.