All students in Germany must have health insurance and cannot be enrolled without it. You must bring proof of health insurance with you when you enrol.

Student health insurance

We strongly recommend that international students purchase statutory student health insurance from a German insurance company after their arrival in Germany. Premiums for all statutory health insurance policies for students amount to approx. 80 euros a month (including payments for nursing care insurance) assuming the student is under the age of 30 and has been an enrolled student no longer than seven years (14 semesters). Health insurance from private companies is also available. For numerous reasons, however, we recommend that students purchase statutory health insurance. You can find out more about health insurance by talking to us during our office hours.

Health insurance for people over 30 or at university for over 7 years (14 semesters)

As a rule you can no longer have statutory health insurance at student rates after your 30th birthday or after your seventh year (14th semester) enrolled as a student. However, you can retain your insurance at a higher premium rate. If due to the higher premiums you are considering changing over to a private health insurance plan, we would recommend that you contact the Giessen Student Services Organisation's 'Advice on Social Affairs' for advice.

Students taking foreign language courses or foundation courses

are not eligible for statutory health insurance. They must purchase private health insurance instead. Before taking out a policy for private health insurance, we would recommend that you contact the Giessen Student Services Organisation's 'Advice on Social Affairs' for advice.

Further information

You can find out more about health insurance in Germany at the German Student Services Organisation's pages.