If the documents from your home country do not qualify you for direct admission to university, you can be accepted to a “foundation course” (a preparation course), in which you take seminars in your chosen field of study and can improve your knowledge of German. To be accepted to a foundation course, you must apply to study a particular subject at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen and pass an entrance examination.

International students wishing to apply for one of our foundation courses at THM need to do so via the uni-assist online application portal.

You can take the entrance examination only if you can provide proof of having successfully completed a CEFR B2 level German-language course. The entrance examination for foundation courses is a German language test combined with a mathematics test.

Following the foundation course (usually lasting one year), you will sit what is called an "assessment examination". If you pass this examination, you will be accepted to THM to study the subject for which you applied. You can sit the assessment examination a second time if you do not pass it the first time.
(NOTE: If you subsequently decide to change your degree subject, you must ensure that your assessment examination qualifies you for the new subject. You can find a list of the relevant undergraduate courses here. Otherwise you will have to sit a “supplementary examination”.)


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