Advantages of a Shared Flat

What are the advantages of taking part in the "WG International" programme?
 "WG International“ allows all participants to gain valuable experience and personal enrichment.

Interculturality: You can experience your flatmates up close and learn about a different culture firsthand. A new outlook and a new awareness broaden your horizon both generally and with regard to internationalism for the job market. Nowadays job seekers are expected to have intercultural competence.

Flexibility and Tolerance: Being open for and able to adjust to something different requires a high degree of flexibility and tolerance, and this has a positive effect on key skills.

Exchange: Typical life in a shared flat often depends on the interests and character traits of the flatmates involved, so you can discover, for instance, how much fun it can be to cook together.

Experience: The time spent at university is one of the most memorable times in the life of a young person. There are unforgettable experiences, and lifelong friendships are established.

Language: Flatmates can be in constant contact with a language different from their own. Both the international student's native language and the constant contact with German provide an enrichment for both sides.

What are some general advantages of a shared flat?

  • Higher quality of living: Large flats shared by several students are more convenient than one-room apartments because they typically have large commons rooms like a kitchen and/or living room
  • Lower costs for utilities (water, electricity, rent, internet)
  • Other cost savings such as from buying groceries together
  • Always in good company and doing things together
  • You and your flatmates are always there for each other