Have you got an available room?

Are you a local student or private landlord with an available room in a shared flat or house and are you interested in international living?

Local students: Are you looking for a new flatmate and would like to "internationalize" your flat? There are currently numerous international students looking for a room in a shared flat. Contact us directly or post your offer at our Facebook group (link). We can put you in contact with international students and would be happy to support you in creating an international shared flat.

Private landlords: We are glad that you would like to promote a policy of openness towards international students. If you have an available room to rent, please contact us. We will pass your offer on and put you in contact with international students.

International students at THM come from many different countries from all over the world. They usually stay between one and five years depending on the degree course they pursue. Since most of THM's degree courses are taught in German, international students have a good knowledge of German. In addition THM also offers three postgraduate courses that are taught partly or completely in English. Many international students are enrolled in these courses.

Living in an international flat means:

  • Gaining intercultural experience without having to leave Germany
  • Experiencing new culinary dishes
  • Continuing to live in an international atmosphere after a stay abroad